The Neosho Wildcats, back-to-back district champions for the first time in boys soccer, cleaned up when Class 3, District 12 honors (voted on by the coaches) were released.

Neosho junior Yahir Ruiz won district MVP, senior Brayden Johnson took top defender, and sophomore Kayden Wood earned top goalie honors.

Johnson, Ruiz, and Wood each earned first team honors and they were joined by seniors Angel Alvarado and Edly Lihpai.

"He's an incredible athlete," Neosho head coach James Carter said of Ruiz after Neosho’s sectional win over Parkview. "He's really fast and he's explosive. When he gets his opportunities, his breakaways, he puts them away. Obviously, it's a team effort and he was on the right end of two tonight. I give him a hard time because honestly, he's had a lot of breakaways this year and he hasn't always finished them. I told him before the game, 'If you get a breakaway tonight, just put it away.' He just smiled. He did. He's a great athlete. Of course, and he'll tell you this, he's got 10 guys behind him to support him. They all did a good job tonight."

"When you talk about that senior class," Carter said of Johnson, Alvarado, and Lihpai after Neosho’s state quarterfinal loss, "I just think of their leadership. Those are just three rock solid young men who in terms of their values and their leadership, we're going to miss that a lot. They're great players and that's important, but in terms of leaders I've had, they're three of the best."

Nine proved to be fine for the Wildcats, since sophomores Diego Vargas, Jason Roponei, and Carlos Estrada and junior Dylan Collins made second team.

McDonald County juniors Jeobany Marcos and Eh Doh Say each made the first team and senior Ulizes Lazaro and junior Jaw Soe each brought home second team.

Webb City's Manuel Cornelio and head coach Nick Harmon won top offensive player and top coach honors, respectively.

Webb City had six selections and Carl Junction five to round out the 24 players honored.

— Additionally, a trio of Neosho Wildcat players earned all-conference honors from the Central Ozark Conference, one first team and two second.

Johnson made the first team and Alvarado and Ruiz each made second.

Neosho was one of three COC schools to win district titles, with Ozark and Joplin both winning titles in Class 4 (Ozark District 10, Joplin District 11).

— McDonald County earned four all-Big 8 Conference selections: Marcos first team, Say second team, and junior Carlos Marcos and Soe honorable mention.

Monett senior Jason Puente and Springfield Catholic head coach Mike Hines earned top player and top coach honors.

Puente, in his final high school game (Class 2 third place game), tied the state record for career goals with 182. Puente scored 42 goals in his freshman season, 46 as a sophomore, 48 as a junior, and 46 in his final season.




Brayden Johnson, Neosho

Angel Alvarado, Neosho

Yahir Ruiz, Neosho

Kayden Wood, Neosho

Edly Lihpai, Neosho

Manuel Cornelio, Webb City

Connor Mahaffey, Webb City

Landon Black, Webb City

Isaiah Durman, Carl Junction

Riley Kunce, Carl Junction

Jeobany Marcos, McDonald County

Eh Doh Say, McDonald County



Diego Vargas, Neosho

Jason Roponei, Neosho

Carlos Estrada, Neosho

Dylan Collins, Neosho

Jacob Bundy, Webb City

Eythan Gilmore, Webb City

David Aquilar, Webb City

Jose Figueroa, Carl Junction

Mason Cooper, Carl Junction

Reese Vogel, Carl Junction

Ulizes Lazaro, McDonald County

Jaw Soe, McDonald County


District MVP: Yahir Ruiz, Neosho

Offensive POY: Manuel Cornelio, Webb City

Defensive POY: Brayden Johnson, Neosho

Offensive POY: Kayden Wood, Neosho

Coach of the Year: Nick Harmon, Webb City




Kyle Sutton, F, Branson

David Garcia, M, Carthage

Mamerto Lopez, D, Carthage

Ethan Merino, F, Joplin

Brayden Johnson, D, Neosho

Hunter Daniels, F, Nixa

Tyler Stoneberger, D, Nixa

Nick Rushing, D, Ozark

Lawson Spence, D, Ozark

T.K. Stine, F, Ozark

Drew Flippin, M, Republic

Alex Leonard, D, Republic

Manuel Cornelio, F, Webb City

Riley Young, F, Willard



Dwight Hyde, F, Branson

Blake Stoner, D, Branson

Riley Kunce, M, Carl Junction

Blake Dean, D, Joplin

Angel Alvarado, M, Neosho

Yahir Ruiz, F, Neosho

Nathan Hirsch, M, Nixa

Andreas Luiga, F, Nixa

Carson Amstutz, M, Ozark

Sean Smith, GK, Ozark

Carlos Chan, D, Republic

Dalton Ghan, GK, Republic

Connor Mahaffey, F, Webb City

Cole Oedewaldt, M, Willard



Justice Webber, F, Branson

Isaiah Durham, D, Carl Junction

Celio Coreas, F, Carthage

Carlos Maturino, F, Carthage

Kyle Hirsch, D, Nixa

Ethan Pellegren, F, Nixa

Troy Davidson, M, Ozark

Mason DeMoss, D, Ozark

Luis Elivo, D, Republic

Landon Black, M, Webb City

Caden Smith, D, Willard




Jason Puente, F, Monett

Calvin Sanders, F, Springfield Catholic

Spencer Briggs, F, Aurora

Hunter Skornia, M, Springfield Catholic

Ryan Christopher, M, Logan-Rogersville

Jeobany Marcos, M, McDonald County

Jordani Perez, M, Aurora

Loger Rodriguez, M, Monett

J.D. Kennedy, D, Logan-Rogersville

Garrett Weber, D, Springfield Catholic

Brayan Rodriguez, D, Monett

Nick Gomez, GK, Springfield Catholic



Jarrett Meyer, F, Marshfield

Eh Doh Say, F, McDonald County

Esvin Merida, F, Monett

Colby Fritz, M, Springfield Catholic

Drew Barb, M, Marshfield

Garrett Vinson, M, Logan-Rogersville

Gerardo Patino, M, Monett

Noah Parsons, D, Cassville

Jake Demarest, D, Springfield Catholic

Jony Perez, D, Monett

Patrick Reyes, GK, Aurora



Andrew Berndt, F, Cassville

Dane Rowe, F, Springfield Catholic

Carlos Marcos, F, McDonald County

Danny Parrish, M, Marshfield

Benny Greenley, M, Springfield Catholic

Jaw Soe, M, McDonald County

Diego Garcia-Ortega, M, Aurora

Ryan Cline, D, Aurora

Cody Bledsoe, D, Logan-Rogersville

Reece Cornwell, D, Springfield Catholic

Joshua Patino, GK, Monett