The Neosho Wildcats improved by five wins in the regular season and six overall and made the quantum leap from the bottom of the Central Ozark Conference to fourth, only finishing behind three state semifinal teams.

That improvement was reflected in the all-conference selections of the COC that were officially released after Webb City and Carthage lost their respective semifinal contests.

The Wildcats' selections lined up with their strengths: offensive and defensive lines, linebackers and defensive backs, ball carriers, and other blockers.

On the first team defense, Neosho landed three selections in senior defensive tackle Kipp Box, senior linebacker Tre Letts, and junior linebacker Sam Cook. The Wildcats' defense especially proved stingy down the back stretch of the season and the speed and strength of Box, Letts, and Cook proved vital in their success.

Senior center Ryan Slade cracked the top five big boys in the COC with his first team selection. The Wildcats featured one of the area's best running attacks and the linemen definitely led the way to a 8-4 season.

Senior running back Cade Lyerla found room for the second team and junior quarterback Gage Kelley and senior tight end Drew Osborn earned third team.

Junior free safety Quincey Willis made the second team and sophomore linebacker Drayke Perry earned third team.

Joplin do-everything receiver Zach Westmoreland and Webb City senior running back Durand Henderson shared top offensive player honors, while Webb City senior defensive back Alex Gaskill and Carthage senior linebacker Colton Winder shared top defensive player during another banner season for the COC.





QB: Patrick Carlton, Carthage

RB: Durand Henderson, Webb City

RB: Isaiah Davis, Joplin

RB: Joe Kennedy, Carl Junction

WR: Zach Westmoreland, Joplin

WR: Alex Gaskill, Webb City

WR: Jayden Morgan, Carthage

TE: Jacob Monroe, Webb City

OL: Andrew Raney, Carthage

OL: Tyler Smith, Joplin

OL: Dylan Wemer, Joplin

OL: Ryan Slade, Neosho

OL: Trenton Sederwall, Ozark

K: Garrett Landis, Joplin



DL: Oscar Campa, Carthage

DL: Kipp Box, Neosho

DL: Mason Bryant, Carthage

DL: Trenten Thompson, Webb City

LB: Colton Winder, Carthage

LB: Luke Kuehnel, Joplin

LB: Tre Letts, Neosho

LB: Kale Schrader, Carthage

LB: Sam Cook, Neosho

DB: Zach Westmoreland, Joplin

DB: Alex Gaskill, Webb City

DB: Terrell Kabala, Webb City

DB: Jayden Morgan, Carthage

P: Grant Burkett, Webb City




QB: Cade Beason, Webb City

QB: Blake Tash, Joplin

RB: Sean Sample, Nixa

RB: Tyler Mueller, Carthage

RB: Devrin Weathers, Webb City

RB: Cade Lyerla, Neosho

WR: Terrell Kabala, Webb City

WR: Cameron Flood, Republic

TE: Mason Bryant, Carthage

OL: Zak English, Carthage

OL: Matt Miller, Webb City

OL: Maurice Auberry, Joplin

OL: Zetthew Meister, Webb City

OL: Cole Ludien, Carl Junction

OL: Carson Gehring, Willard

K: Marcus Huntley, Carthage



DL: Tommy Tapia, Willard

DL: Dylan Walker, Webb City

DL: James Boyd, Joplin

DL: Alex Martini, Carthage

LB: Ruben Lenker, Webb City

LB: Logan Ayers, Nixa

LB: Gavin Surber, Webb City

LB: Trent McFall, Nixa

LB: Nic Lewis, Joplin

DB: Teagan Armentrout, Carl Junction

DB: Quincey Willis, Neosho

DB: Sean Sample, Nixa

DB: Jaden Duvall, Republic

DB: Elijah Eminger, Joplin

DB: Blake Schrader, Carthage

P: Johnathan Lancaster, Carthage




QB: Gage Kelley, Neosho

RB: Garrett Rice, Willard

RB: Nathan Glades, Joplin

RB: Riley Sigman, Republic

WR: Hunter Wood, Branson

WR: Jake Skaggs, Ozark

WR: Kobe Maxwell, Carl Junction

WR: Tucker Downing, Carthage

TE: Gary Clinton, Webb City

TE: Drew Osborn, Neosho

TE: Logan Ayers, Nixa

OL: Landon Ritter, Nixa

OL: Austin Spink, Webb City

OL: Jayden Withrow, Joplin

OL: Brenner Ocana, Carthage



DL: Jacob Booe, Joplin

DL: Jordan Gold, Republic

DL: Brayden Bond, Webb City

DL: Brady Coggin, Republic

DL: Taylor Cheek, Nixa

LB: Drayke Perry, Neosho

LB: Trey Hoenie, Branson

LB: Austin Joplin, Willard

LB: Logan Emmerth, Ozark

LB: Isaic Shields, Carl Junction

LB: Ethan Pritchard, Ozark

LB: Kade Hicks, Webb City

DB: Ty Werling, Branson

DB: Tallon Heimbach, Willard

DB: Trulyn Kendrick, Carthage

DB: Tyler White, Carl Junction