SENECA — The youth wrestling season began in full with the Seneca Open on Sunday and we have the highlights from Neosho, Seneca, McDonald County, and Diamond.

Team scores: Neosho 465.5, Seneca 399.5, Rare Breed 391.5, Renegade Wrestling 321, Webb City 280.5, Bentonville 249.5, Miami 183, Broken Arrow 157, Terminator Wrestling 157, Wildcat Takedown 153.5, McDonald County 149.5, Diamond 116, Monett 89.5, Carl Junction 86.5, Marshfield 85, Joplin 75.5, Republic 72, Pali Elite 58.5, Pittsburg 46, Lebanon 45.5, Bulldogs 41, Honey Badgers 41, Team Grind House 33, Fayetteville 31, Frontenac 16, Ozark 16, Terminators 16, Branson 15.5, Mighty Bluebirds 11.5, Columbus 7.



Collyn Kivett (14U 125-130 pounds) won first and pinned Lebanon's Preston Wood in 3 minutes, 51 seconds and McDonald County's David Bartholomew in 4:22.

Hunter Butler (12U 100) took first and pinned Miami's Dillon Blundell in 2:06 and Pittsburg's Wyatt Rink in 2:18.

Carter Lewis (12U 75B), like Butler and Kivett, pinned his way to the top, 57 seconds against Seneca's Connor Beck, 1:03 against Carl Junction's Brady Sponsel, and 25 seconds against Miami's Mason Rowland.

Gabriel Busteed (10U 165) also racked up three wins by pin en route to first, taking down Republic's Matthew Lightfoot in 3:50, Webb City's Joshua Oakes in 27 seconds, and Marshfield's Brodie Perkins in 2:04.

Jaxon Ertel (10U 100-105) pinned four opponents and won another by major decision on his way to first. Ertel pinned Webb City's Louden Bolinger in 2:49, Miami's Bow Rush in 2:11, Republic's Noah Hash in 48 seconds, and Miami's Gabriel Bunce in 1:11, and won a 12-1 major against Bentonville's Baron Murray.

Lincoln Howard (10U 75B) placed first and pinned Webb City's Grant Humphrey in 1:44, Joplin's Andrew Burke in 2:14, and Miami's Thomas Mathews in 2:45.

Braxton Bogle (8U 65B) won first and pinned Bentonville's Ben Millard in 28 seconds and Miami's Isaac Oelke in 39 seconds and won a 10-5 decision against Broken Arrow's Connor Waggerman.

Boone Johnson (8U 65A) took first and pinned Broken Arrow's Hunter Thorn in 1:24 and teammate Logan Hurn in 36 seconds and won a 15-0 tech fall against Seneca's Jairus Buzzard.

Coleman Charlton (6U 55A) won first and won a 19-4 tech fall against Seneca's Remington Copeland and pinned McDonald County's Hunter Lasch in 1:17 and Bentonville's Beckam Hall in 12 seconds.

Everson Tomlinson (12U 175) finished second and pinned Republic's Corey Rogers in 1:01.

Dayton Kivett (12U 110B) placed second and racked up pins against Carl Junction's Brody Yaple in 1:45, Rare Breed's Brett Osborn in 4:26, and Marshfield's Randy Medlock in 1:13.

Bostyn Patterson (12U 105B) finished second after a 10-2 major decision against Rare Breed's Cali Dupree and a pin of Seneca's Eli Manley in 4:12.

Kanten Smith (12U 85) took second and pinned Renegade Wrestling's T.J. Campster and Bella Montez in 2:29 and 29 seconds, respectively, and won a 16-0 tech fall against Bentonville's Aaleyah Mumau.

Melanie Butler (10U 115) placed second and she pinned Broken Arrow's Gabriel Wilson in 2:28 during one of their three matches.

Dane Arthur (10U 80B) finished second and pinned Marshfield's Davin McNish in 48 seconds and Webb City's Jeremiah Davis in 34 seconds.

Nathan McAfee (10U 75A) took second and won a 11-8 decision against Renegade Wrestling's Dylan Porter and pinned Webb City's Ivan Bland in 35 seconds.

Hurn (8U 65A) finished second and won a 16-0 tech fall against Buzzard and pinned Thorn in 32 seconds.

Grady Johnson (8U 55E) pinned Seneca's Wyatte Lannon in 1:40, McDonald County's Shawn Farmer in 15 seconds, and Branson's Shawn Fischer in 25 seconds en route to second place.

Layvin Heathman (8U 55D) pinned Bentonville's Dean Floyd in 29 seconds, won a 8-5 decision against Seneca's Ryan Viens, and won a 12-2 major against Wildcat Takedown's Isiah Mink, and took second.

Liam Sanny (6U 60) placed second after pinning Webb City's Dagger Rooks in 23 seconds, Republic's Jace Hein in 1:02, and Seneca's Matthew Studebaker in 28 seconds.

Keidan Osborn (6U 55C) took second and won a 18-12 decision against Seneca's Roper Callis.

Robert Johnson (6U 45C) pinned Renegade Wrestling's Kasen Chandler in 1:49, Webb City's Oakley Powell in 2:54, and Seneca's MaKenna Mullin in 17 seconds and took second.

Brett Meyer (12U 105A) finished third and pinned Fayetteville's Leighton Fochtman in 48 seconds.

Kaymen Rhone (12U 90B) placed third and won a 18-3 tech fall against Bentonville's Ricky Burnett, pinned teammate Erik Cortez in 4:26, pinned Republic's Kaiden Patterson in 20 seconds, and pinned Bulldogs Wrestling's Lucas Gideon in 2:58. Cortez took fourth.

Kelton Shaffer (10U 80A) finished third and pinned teammate Kaleb Godbersen in 2:09. Godbersen placed fourth.

Parker Wilson (10U 75C) finished third and pinned Webb City's Jayden Powell in 3:42.

William Wennhold (10U 70C) placed third and pinned Webb City's Levi Rose in 2:27.

Creed Amato (10U 60C) won three matches en route to third and pinned Bentonville's Joshua Litchfield in 16 seconds, Broken Arrow's Daxton Iten in 1:45, and Seneca's Aiden Wilson in 1:02.

Landon Jones (8U 60C) won third and won a 14-10 decision against Webb City's Turner Doennig and a 11-5 decision against Republic's Zander Bratten.

Lane Surratt (8U 45) placed third and won a 5-2 decision against Wildcat Takedown's Matthew Garrett and pinned Webb City's Braxton Schulz in 1:55.

Zaiden Tomlinson (6U 50C) pinned Seneca's Zayne Shields in 17 seconds and Webb City's Greckyn Farrar in 1:28 and won a 11-6 decision against Bentonville's Maddox Spangler en route to third.

Logan Adams (6U 45A) won a 2-1 decision against Seneca's Tytus Burkhart and won a 15-2 major against Diamond's Beau Barbre, and placed third.



Keith Pendergraft (6U HWT) pinned Renegade Wrestling's David Way Jr. in 14 and 46 seconds and took first.

Jase Bard (8U 55A) placed first and won a 9-5 decision against Marshfield's Cayden Holt, pinned Diamond's Lane Talley in 2:15 and Lebanon's Teytem Barber in 38 seconds, and won a 15-0 tech fall against Neosho's Dade Rothman.

Jaxon Rhoades (10U 65B) finished first and pinned Miami's E'an Fair in 2:24, Neosho's Zackary Willet in 1:04, and Broken Arrow's Jackson Ward in 2:42 and won a 12-0 major against Bentonville's Paxon Chernota.

Journey Williams (10U 65C) pinned Bentonville's Payton Burnett in 2:45, Broken Arrow's Owen Hughes in 1:01, Webb City's Martin St. Marie in 10 seconds, and Carl Junction's Ryan Sprague in 2:52 on the journey to first place.

Brant Laughlin (10U 70B) placed first and won a 17-0 tech fall against Diamond's Dymond King, a 17-0 tech fall against Neosho's Cale VanDorn, pinned Renegade Wrestling's Cael Bolinger in 44 seconds, and won a 13-4 major against Terminator Wrestling's Jackson Redd.

Laughlin performed double duty in the 12U 70A division and took first after a 23-5 tech fall against Joplin's Wyatt Black, a 9-6 decision against Rare Breed's Peyton Chainey, and pins against Webb City's Drake Carter (52 seconds) and Republic's Carter Foglesong (2:46).

Jace Renfro (10U 150) took first and pinned Diamond's Wyatt Smith in 36 seconds and Wildcat Takedown's D.J. Glidewell in 1:30.

Caden Thompson (12U 70B) pinned Broken Arrow's Sage Thorn in 2:11, Joplin's Kadyn Allerton in 3:48, and Honey Badgers' Nevin Hayes in 1:58 en route to first.

Terry Hembree (12U 105A) pinned Fayetteville's Leighton Fochtman in 43 seconds and teammate Landon Commons in 1:57 and won a 9-0 major against Neosho's Brett Meyer to earn first.

Brady Roark (14U 90-95) placed first and pinned McDonald County's Triston Burton in 44 seconds, Renegade Wrestling's Samuel Melton in 1:30, and Payton Marbrough in 1:10.

Raymond Hembree (14U 100) won first and pinned Rare Breed's Angel Borge in 2:09 and Rare Breed's Zaina Borge in 20 seconds, and won a 9-2 decision against Mighty Bluebirds' C.J. Dye.

Kash Cummings (6U 55B) finished second and pinned Seneca's Hezekiah Blake in 53 seconds, Miami's Holden Miller in 58 seconds, and Neosho's Emory Gray in 16 seconds.

Hudsyn Russell (8U 60D) finished second and pinned Webb City's Lemuel Glaubitz in 12 seconds, won a 13-2 major against Neosho's Titus Mooneyham, and won a 9-7 sudden victory against Renegade Wrestling's Ryder Porter.

Blayne Collinsworth (8U 85) placed second and won a 13-8 decision against Wildcat Takedown's Waylon Austin.

Logan Thompson (10U 60B) took second and pinned Bentonville's Eric Rodriguez in 24 seconds, Branson's Zayden Isringhausen in 25 seconds, Pali Elite's Brodee Crosby in 3:27, and McDonald County's Camden Ball in 1:15.

Caden Ferron (10U 120) pinned Carl Junction's Logan Haynes in 1:54 and Webb City's Ethan Keller in 1:59 en route to second.

Elyas Potts (12U 65) finished second and won a 18-7 major against Terminator Wrestling's Ethan Kelly.

Commons (12U 105A) took second and won a 7-6 decision against Neosho's Meyer and pinned Fayetteville's Fochtman in 59 seconds.

Nolan Napier (12U 115-120) finished second and pinned Republic's Cade Tunnell in 32 seconds, Pittsburg's Brett Wilson in 29 seconds, and Republic's Ethan Montiel in a second for some truly fast work.

Karsen Hurley (6U 40B) placed third and pinned Webb City's Collin Myers in 2:31.

Paxon Laughlin (6U 45B) won third and won a 16-8 major against Webb City's Kaje Flemings.

Jack Burkhart (6U 50A) won a 16-5 major against teammate Bo Manley and pinned Diamond's Isaac Cauble in 15 seconds en route to third.

Remington Copeland (6U 55A) finished third and pinned Bentonville's Beckam Hall in 23 seconds.

Ryder Murphy and Roper Callis placed third and fourth in the 6U 55C division. Murphy's 24-8 tech fall against Callis gave Murphy the higher place. Murphy won a 12-4 major against Miami's Cash Ensten and Callis won a 14-8 decision against Ensten.

Wyatte Lannon (8U 55E) finished third and pinned McDonald County's Shawn Farmer in 11 seconds and Branson's Shawn Fischer in 29 seconds.

Jacob Mowery (8U 60A) pinned Carl Junction's Jace Strickling in 1:23 and won a 13-2 major against Neosho's Levi Hunt to earn third.

Connor Beck (12U 75B) placed third and pinned Miami's Mason Rowland in 2:21.

Sawyer Cornell (12U 115A) placed third and won a 6-0 decision against Diamond's Brayden Clement.



Christian Benhumea (8U 60B) placed first and pinned Republic's Lukas Davis in 1:13 and Columbus' Keegan Blackledge in 1:18, won a 15-0 tech fall against Bulldogs' Justin Applegate, and won a 14-1 major against Webb City's Tyler Christensen.

Christopher Ramirez (8U 75A) won first and pinned Marshfield's Avery McNish in 59 seconds, Miami's Mateo Valdez in 39 seconds, and Terminator Wrestling's Scout Puryear in 1:30.

Sam Pacheco (10U 90A) earned first and pinned Diamond's Kale Adams in 3:21 and Bentonville's Corbin Miller in 1:22.

Hunter Lasch (6U 55A) finished second and won a 12-3 major against Bentonville's Beckam Hall and a 17-4 major against Seneca's Remington Copeland.

Chandler Moffett (6U 65-70) pinned Webb City's Colton Passley in 24 seconds and placed second.

Prestin Legrand (8U 45) pinned Neosho's Lane Surratt in 42 seconds, Wildcat Takedown's Matthew Garrett in 1:59, and Webb City's Braxton Schulz in 16 seconds en route to second.

Carson Misner (8U 55C) pinned Neosho's Kasen Bridges in 2:33, Monett's Tanner Swinford in 2:56, and Seneca's Rocky Cotten in 2:24, and took second.

Paxton Legrand (8U 60A) took second and pinned Carl Junction's Jace Strickling in 2:40 and Neosho's Levi Hunt in 51 seconds, and won a 10-2 major against Seneca's Jacob Mowery.

Stevan Benhumea (10U 85A) earned second and pinned Ozark's Teagon Patterson in 41 seconds, Wildcat Takedown's Cylas Austin in 7 seconds, and Terminator Wrestling's Gregory Hicks in 50 seconds, and won a 19-3 tech fall against Neosho's Kort Lawson.

Tanner Burton (12U 60) won a 14-7 decision against Miami's Connor Fitzgerald and placed second.

Levi Smith (14U 115-120) finished second and won a 18-2 tech fall against Pali Elite's Trace Haddock.

Ryder Martin (12U 80A) and David Bartholomew (14U 125-130) each placed third.



Brandon Calentine and Nathan Gray finished first and second, respectively, in the 14U 140 division. Calentine pinned Gray in 30 seconds and Honey Badgers' Thomas Moralez in 7 seconds. Gray won by forfeit against Moralez.

Haden Thompson (12U 175) won first and pinned Neosho's Everson Tomlinson in 2:12 and Republic's Corey Rogers in 1:47.

Kendal King (12U 115-120) placed first and pinned Pittsburg's Brett Wilson in 1:02 and Republic's Cade Tunnell in 51 seconds, and won a 9-2 decision against Seneca's Nolan Napier.

Chase Talley (6U 45D) earned first and won majors against Monett's Kasen Kellner (17-5), Bentonville's Ellis Walters (10-2), and Neosho's Kaleb Wilson (13-5) and won a 6-0 decision against Joplin's Landry Schwab.

Kale Adams (10U 90A) finished second and won a 12-9 decision against Bentonville's Corbin Miller.

Knox Barbre (8U 70B) finished second and pinned Bentonville's Kenzie Farrar in 1:27 and Republic's Dawson Overstreet in 2:18, won a 6-4 sudden victory against Renegade Wrestling's Manny Montez, and won a 7-1 decision against Pali Elite's Kaleb Atkinson.

Eli Demery (6U 35) finished second.

Wyatt Smith (10U 150) finished third.

Aaden Demery (10U 60A) finished third and won a 17-5 major against Seneca's Cooper Niebaum.

Lane Talley (8U 55A) placed third and pinned Lebanon's Teytem Barber in 1:17 and won a 9-1 major against Neosho's Dade Rothman.