DIAMOND — Neosho, Seneca, and Diamond competed in the Diamond Wildcat Open on Saturday.

Neosho's Gabriel Busteed (10U 170 pounds) and Bostyn Patterson (12U 100-105) each placed first, Tucker Feagans (10U 60A), Jackson Weber (10U 60B), and Carter Howard (12U 100-105) each placed second, and Everson Tomlinson (12U 165-175), Dayton Kivett (12U 110), Hunter Butler (12U 100-105), Brodie Leach (10U 150), and Robert Johnson (6U 45B) each finished third.

Seneca's top finishers were Jace Renfro (10U 150) and Keith Pendergraft (6U 115) in first, Nolan Napier (12U 120-125) in second, and Aiden Wilson (10U 60B) and Logan Thompson (10U 60A) in third.

Diamond had several top finishers: X-Zontae Meeker (14U 165-175) and Willow Baker (6U 80-85) first, Haden Thompson (14U 165-175), Payten Marbough (14U 100-110), and Cody Neal (14U 85-90) second, and Kobie Caywood (14U 85-90), Kolbie Caywood (14U 85-90), Haden Thompson (12U 165-175), and Chase Talley (6U 45) third.

— Neosho, Seneca, and Diamond returned for the Diamond Wildcat Novice on Sunday, with McDonald County among teams joining the festivities.

Neosho's Coleman Charlton (6U 55A) pinned his way to first against Seneca's Roper Callis, McDonald County's Hunter Lasch, and Neosho teammate Keidan Osborn. Osborn finished third and won a 11-6 decision against Callis.

Sadee Leach (8U 90-110) took first and pinned teammate Serenity Hauss and won a 6-1 decision against Temprence Wilson, a 4-2 decision against Webb City's Brayden Steele, and a 7-6 decision against McDonald County's Zane Burrows.

Conner Reiboldt (10U 65-70A) pinned Diamond's Dymond King, Carl Junction's Ryan Sprague, Webb City's Radley Baker, and Wildcat Takedown's Kaelyn Pogue-Brock en route to first.

William Wennhold (10U 65-70B) pinned Webb City's Levi Rose, McDonald County's Adam Bogart, and Carl Junction's Aiden Carlsen en route to first.

Cale VanDorn and Brody Mitchell finished 1-2 in the 10U 65-70C division and combined for seven victories and five wins by pin and one tech fall. VanDorn prevailed 11-9 over Mitchell for the crown. It was the only match for VanDorn that was not a win by pin.

Connor Pace (10U HWT) pinned Joplin's Jacob Gaughan and Wildcat Takedown's Tristan Voyles en route to first.

Kanten Smith (12U 80-85) pinned McDonald County's Kenny and Kaleb Zinn and Renegade Wrestling's Bella Montez and won a 21-6 tech fall against Renegade Wrestling's Payton Grube.

Hunter Moudy (6U 45A) finished second and pinned Webb City's Blaine Willis and Seneca's MaKenna Mullin and won a 6-0 decision against Monett's Tillie Ayers.

Layvin Heathman (8U 55-60B) placed second and won a 20-5 tech fall against Wildcat Takedown's Isiah Mink, a 8-5 decision against Joplin's Roman Lacey, and pinned Frontenac's Tate Duft and McDonald County's Madden Clark.

Kaymen Rhone (12U 90-95) finished second and pinned Wildcat Takedown's Kaiya Cooper, McDonald County's Ayden Ball, and Frontenac's Scott Sloan.

Aubri England (6U 40A) finished third and won a 14-10 decision against Seneca's Ryker Burris.

Logan Adams (6U 45B) earned third and won a 15-0 tech fall against Wildcat Takedown's Maddox Cooper and pinned Seneca's Tytus Burkhart.

Conner Hauss (6U 65-70) finished third and won a 9-5 decision against Webb City's Colton Passley.

Finley Leach (8U 80-85) and Kaden Rodriguez (12U 110) each placed third.

Parker Wilson (10U 75) finished third and pinned Webb City's Ivan Bland and Jayden Powell.



— Elyas Potts (12U 60-65) placed first and won a pair of 16-1 tech falls against McDonald County's Tanner Burton.

Connor Beck (12U 70-75) finished second and won a 6-4 decision against Frontenac's Kyle Sloan and pinned McDonald County's Dominic Cervantes.

Blayne Collinsworth (8U 80-85) finished second and won a decision against Neosho's Finley Leach.

Remington Copeland (6U 55B) finished second and pinned Carl Junction's Brayden Carlsen, McDonald County's Santiago Gonzalez, and Neosho's Emory Gray.

Jack Burkhart (6U 50B) placed second and pinned Webb City's Hudson Bland and Renegade Wrestling's Kasen Chandler, and won a 10-2 major decision against Joplin's Richie Lacey and a 15-0 tech fall against Jude Kellogg.

Wyatt England (6U 50A) took second and won a 10-8 decision against Renegade Wrestling's Morgan Arnold, a 9-4 decision against Joplin's Michael Hardcastle, and a 9-7 decision against Diamond's Matthew Cronister.

MaKenna Mullin (6U 45A) finished third and won a 5-1 decision against Monett's Tillie Ayers and a 2-1 decision against Webb City's Blaine Willis.



— Triston Burton (14U 90) won first and pinned Diamond's Gwen Loyd.

Alex Bogart (12U 135-140) earned first and pinned Webb City's Steven Oakes twice.

Joseph Riley (10U 55) took first and pinned teammate Rowen Peck and Frontenac's Mark Stroud and won a 15-0 tech fall against teammate Sheccid Gonzalez. Gonzalez and Peck finished third and fourth, respectively.

Chandler Moffett (6U 65-70) pinned Neosho's Conner Hauss, won a 16-0 tech fall against Webb City's Colton Passley, and won a 5-2 decision against Pittsburg's Natalie Lattimer en route to first.

Finnley O'Brien (6U 55B) won first and pinned Neosho's Emory Gray, teammate Santiago Gonzalez, and Carl Junction's Brayden Carlsen and won a 16-0 tech fall against Seneca's Remington Copeland. Gonzalez placed third and pinned both Carlsen and Gray.

Tanner Burton (12U 60-65) finished second.

Alyssa Jackson (10U 95-100) placed second and pinned Seneca's Kainen Shannon and Carl Junction's Owen Beck.

Jake O'Brien (8U 65) finished second and pinned Pittsburg's Jeremiah Lattimer, Webb City's Turner Doenning, and Seneca's Jacob Mowery.

Hunter Lasch (6U 55A) placed second and pinned Seneca's Roper Callis and won a 10-9 decision against Neosho's Keidan Osborn.

Lucas Peck (6U 45B) earned second and pinned Neosho's Logan Adams and Carl Junction's Camden Donelson and won a 15-0 tech fall against Wildcat Takedown's Maddox Cooper.

Kaleb Zinn (12U 80-85) finished third and pinned Kenny Zinn and Renegade Wrestling's Bella Montez.

Zane Burrows (8U 90-110) placed third and pinned Neosho's Serenity Hauss and won a 7-2 decision against Temprence Watson.



— Knox Barbre (8U 70) placed first and pinned Wildcat Takedown's Rebekka Cooper and teammate Conner Grissom and won a 8-6 decision against Renegade Wrestling's Manny Montez. Grissom finished third and won a 8-5 decision against Cooper.

Gwen Loyd and Kolbie Caywood finished second and third in the 14U 90 division.

Hunter Seay (10U 80) took third and pinned Webb City's Jeremiah Davis and Wildcat Takedown's Izaak Henbest.

Dymond King (10U 65-70A) won third and pinned Webb City's Radley Baker and Wildcat Takedown's Kaelyn Pogue-Brock.

Ty Murray (10U 110-120) placed third and pinned McDonald County's Andrew Bogart.