Neosho Youth Wrestling turned around Sunday to host a novice tournament.



Alex Feagans (6U 40B) placed first and pinned Webb City's Collin Myers in 46 seconds, Pittsburg's Gabe Lance in 13 seconds, and Carthage's Oakley Reed in 1:42 and won a 8-1 decision against Seneca's Karsen Hurley.

Kaleb Wilson (6U 45A) pinned McDonald County's Noah Abernathy in 2:02, Republic's Henry Fisher in 1:15, Joplin's Jaxon Howard in 24 seconds, and Monett's Kelton Nguyen in 20 seconds en route to first.

Robert Johnson (6U 45B) finished first and pinned Seneca's MaKenna Mullin in 10 seconds, Frontenac's Lane Hunt in 17 seconds, and Joplin's Lucas Silva in 41 seconds.

Layvin Heathman (8U 55B) placed first and pinned Joplin's Rhett Perigo in 2:34, Ozark's Ryder Hawkins in 15 seconds, and Webb City's Benton Kivett in 10 seconds, won a 17-2 tech fall against Carthage's Miles Moser, and earned a 7-2 decision against Seneca's Kyler Hurley.

Sadee Leach (8U 90-100) earned first and pinned Marshfield's Sean Morelan in 1:00, McDonald County's Zane Burrows in 57 seconds, and Carthage's Grason Dobyns in 44 seconds.

Brody Mitchell (10U 70B) placed first and pinned Carthage's Jace Nichols in 2:06, Marshfield's Jackson Chisum in 1:25, and Frontenac's Baron Kunshek in 46 seconds.

Parker Wilson (10U 75B) took first and pinned Joplin's Dominik Miller in 4:12, Webb City's Grant Humphrey in 35 seconds, and Nixa's Gage Holmes in 2:53.

Kaymen Rhone (12U 85A) placed first and pinned Miami's Kavyn Panter in 18 seconds and teammate Kanten Smith in 11 seconds. Smith pinned Panter in 1:11 and placed second.

Dylan Stephens and Erik Cortez finished 1-2 in the 12U 85B division. Stephens pinned Republic's Cameron Allen in 1:00, Carthage's Grady Huntley in 21 seconds, and Crotez in 3:27. Cortez pinned Huntley in 4:26 and Republic's Allen in 2:25.

Colton Burr and Landon Stephens took 1-2 in the 14U 105-115 division. Burr pinned Wildcat Takedown's Charles Elliott in 1:56, Webb City's Aidan Moore in 1:45, Pittsburg's Jonathon Howard in 4:25, and Stephens in 3:00, and won a 4-2 decision against Pali Elite's Trace Haddock. Stephens pinned Haddock in 1:42, Moore in 2:26, and Elliott in 45 seconds and won a 17-0 tech fall against Howard.

Brendan Reddig (14U 190-HWT) took first and pinned Trojan Warriors' Zack Benso in 11 seconds and Webb City's Hayden McBroom in 1:24.

Coleman Charlton (6U 55A) finished second and pinned Miami's Cash Ensten in 16 seconds and Carthage's Truman Mankin in 29 seconds and won a 9-0 major against Bolivar's Case Ankrom.

Conner Hauss' (6U 65-70) second place variety pack of victories included a pin of Carl Junction's Riley Sheppard in 2:33, a 8-0 major against Webb City's Elliott Nations, and a 14-7 decision against Republic's Hunter Long.

Kylie Tomlinson (8U 60A) finished second and pinned Nixa's Rowan Crain-Mullarkey in 39 seconds, Ozark's Cameron Irons in 14 seconds, and teammate Cooper Thompson in 37 seconds. Thompson placed fifth.

Joshua Scheuerman (12U 95-100) finished second and pinned Ozark's Blake Griffen in 31 seconds and Southwest Twisters' Tyler Richards in 57 seconds.

Austin Holloway (14U 120-130) placed second and pinned Webb City's Aidan Rose in 1:02.

Logan Adams (6U 45C) placed third and pinned Seneca's Tytus Burkhart in 1:26 and won a 5-4 decision against Webb City's Olijah Leek.

Hunter Mayfield (6U 50C) won third and pinned Webb City's Hudson Bland in 25 seconds and Seneca's Zayne Shields in 12 seconds.

Lane Surratt (8U 45) finished third.

Titus Mooneyham (8U 60B) placed third and won a 10-4 decision against teammate Levi Hunt and a 6-4 decision against Joplin's Roman Lacey.

Thomas DelVecchio (10U 60-65A) finished third and pinned McDonald County's Camden Ball in 2:32.

Cash Thompson (10U 95A) finished third and pinned Carl Junction's Owen Beck in 2;04.

Connor Pace (10U 170) earned third and pinned Wildcat Takedown's Logan Williams in 2:12.

Christian Lindsay (12U 120-130) earned third and pinned Marshfield's Patrick Morelan in 50 seconds.

James Fulp (14U 85-95) finished third.



Remington Copeland (6U 55B) placed first and pinned Carthage's Oliver Staples in 49 seconds and won a 7-1 decision against Frontenac's Strauss Kunshek.

Blayne Collinsworth (8U 85) took first and pinned McDonald County's Morgan Shorter in 36 seconds and won a 5-4 decision against Wildcat Takedown's Waylon Austin.

Connor Beck (12U 70-75) earned first and pinned Ozark's Cayden Irons in 24 seconds and Carl Junction's Brady Sponsel in 1:08.

Jack Burkhart (6U 50B) finished second and pinned Joplin's Kaden Howard in 16 seconds, Webb City's Greckyn Farrar in 8 seconds, and Diamond's Cooper Holden in 10 seconds.

Roper Callis (6U 55C) finished second and pinned Carl Junction's Brayden Carlsen in 1:36 and Bentonville's Korbin Orten in 38 seconds.

Karsen Hurley (6U 40B) placed third and won a 11-7 decision against Carthage's Oakley Reed and a 10-9 decision against Webb City's Collin Myers.

Wyatt England (6U 50A) finished third and won a 9-7 sudden victory against Joplin's Michael Hardcastle and a 9-7 decision against Webb City's Peyton Dunning.

Kyler Hurley (8U 55) finished third and pinned Webb City's Benton Kivett in 47 seconds and Ozark's Ryder Hawkins in 22 seconds and won a 12-6 decision against Carthage's Miles Moser.



Finnley O'Brien (6U 55A) placed first and pinned Carthage's Truman Makin in 28 seconds and Miami's Cash Ensten in 45 seconds and won 6-2 and 9-4 decisions against Neosho's Coleman Charlton and Bolivar's Case Ankrom, respectively.

Jake O'Brien (8U 65B) earned first and pinned Frontenac's Bradyn Wright in 21 seconds, won a 8-0 major against Southwest Twisters' Jadrian Townsend, won a 15-0 tech fall against Wildcat Takedown's Jocelyn Roark, and pinned Carthage's Archie Taylor in 13 seconds.

Dominic Cervantes (12U 80) placed first and pinned Nixa's Sam Mayes in 1:20, Marshfield's Avery Byars in 3:15, and Republic's Kameron Sutton in 1:46.

Ayden Ball (12U 95-100) won first and pinned Southwest Twisters'

Zane Burrows (8U 90-100) placed second and pinned Carthage's Grason Dobyns in 1:39 and Marshfield's Sean Morelan in 2:00.

Alex Bogart (12U 140-150) won first and pinned Webb City's Ayden Duncan in 59 seconds and 1:25.

Gunner Cooper (12U 105-110) placed first and pinned Joplin's Garrett Camp in 16 seconds, Monett's Issac Whittenburg in 1:15, Carl Junction's Brody Yaple in 1:00, and Neosho's Kaden Rodriguez in 3:22.

Joseph Riley (10U 60-65B) finished second and won a 9-3 decision against Pali Elite's Brodee Crosby.

Noah Abernathy (6U 45A) finished third and pinned Monett's Kelton Nguyen in 16 seconds and won a 12-5 decision against Republic's Henry Fisher.

Shawn Farmer (8U 50B) placed third and pinned Nixa's Hailey Ritchie in 1:28, won a 6-1 decision against Joplin's Dominick Baird, and won a 9-0 major against Carthage's Brycen Roland.

Morgan Shorter (8U 85) finished third.

Alyssa Jackson (10U 95-100) placed third and pinned Neosho's Serenity Hauss in 16 seconds and Seneca's Kainen Shannon in 26 seconds.

Andrew Bogart (10U 120) finished third.



Kolbie Caywood and Gwen Loyd finished 1-2 in the 14U 85-95 division. Caywood pinned Loyd in 21 seconds.

Knox Barbre (8U 70) finished third and pinned Wildcat Takedown's Hayden Jereczek in 23 seconds and won a 10-6 decision against Nixa's Mason Moseley and a 7-0 decision against Pali Elite's Kaleb Atkinson.

Tyler Murray (10U 110) earned third and pinned Joplin's Devon Vestal in 4:18.