Neosho Youth Wrestling hosted the "Battle for the Belt" on Saturday and area teams Diamond, McDonald County, Seneca, and several others participated in addition to the host Wildcats.

Neosho's Boone Johnson (8U 65 pounds) won first and won a 11-2 major decision against Carthage's Angalari Garcia-Lucas, pinned teammate Logan Hurn in 51 seconds, and won a 8-6 decision against McDonald County's Christian Benhumea.

Jonathan Chrisco (12U 100) placed first and won a 5-0 decision against Nixa's Brenya Crahan and a 3-1 decision against Rare Breed's Cali Dupree.

Bradyn Mosier (14U 85) finished first and pinned Diamond's Kolbie Caywood in 37 seconds and won a 13-2 major against Rare Breed's Zion Borge.

Eli Zar (14U 115-120) took first and won a 23-7 tech fall against McDonald County's Cross Spencer and pinned Wildcat Takedown's Akhilleus Arguelles in 1:56 and Wildcat Takedown's Jake Anthonysz in 2:59.

Braxton Barrett (6U 50) finished second and pinned Joplin's Michael Hardcastle in 1:34, Webb City's Chett White in 9 seconds, and Renegade Wrestling's Gunnar Fisher in 21 seconds.

Liam Sanny (6U 60-65) finished second and pinned Nevada's Jaycee Washburn in 42 seconds and won a 13-2 major against McDonald County's Chandler Moffett.

Sadee Leach (8U 100) placed second and pinned Webb City's Preston Wilson in 53 seconds and won a 9-0 major against Rolla's Hayden Marcuzo.

Blayne Patterson (10U 70) finished second and pinned Carl Junction's Jaxson Yaple in 24 seconds and Monett's Malakhi Marshall in 13 seconds.

Gabriel Busteed (10U 150-170) took second and won a 7-2 decision against Wildcat Takedown's D.J. Glidewell and pinned teammate Brodie Leach in five seconds. Leach placed fourth.

Chase Kivett (12U 85) placed second and pinned Renegade Wrestling's T.J. Campster in 2:32.

Carter Howard (12U 105) finished second and pinned Nevada's Colby Barker in 52 seconds and won a 5-0 decision against teammate Brett Meyer. Meyer placed fourth, falling to teammate Bostyn Patterson for third. Patterson pinned McDonald County's Gunner Cooper in 3:00 and won a 20-4 tech fall against Southwest Twisters' Jermaine Townsend. Meyer pinned Townsend in 3:51 and Cooper in 4:05.

Coleman Charlton (6U 55) finished third and pinned Carthage's Truman Mankin in 33 seconds and won a 17-9 decision against teammate Keidan Osborn. Osborn placed fourth and pinned Mankin in 1:54 and Columbus' Jase Stephens in 1:58.

Tucker Feagans (10U 60) finished third and won a 16-0 tech fall against Diamond's Aaden Demery and pinned teammate Creed Amato in 4:25.

Lincoln Howard (10U 75) placed third and pinned Pali Elite's Nathan Coyle in 2:20 and Seneca's Carson Curtis in 45 seconds, won a 19-4 tech fall against Miami's Grant Blundell, and won a 10-9 decision against Frontenac's Cash Wilderman.

Kelton Shaffer (10U 80) finished third and won a 9-5 decision against Southwest Twisters' Hayden Fick, pinned Ozark's Christian Kropf in 13 seconds, and won a 6-3 decision against Fick.

Jaxon Ertel (10U 110) earned third and pinned Webb City's Carson Rooks in 1:45 and won a 11-3 major against Nevada's Cohen Longobardi.

Steven Friend (12U 90-95) finished third and pinned teammate Erik Cortez in 29 seconds, won a 4-2 decision against Renegade Wrestling's Matthew Bysor, pinned Nixa's Parker Mann in 4:26, and pinned teammate Fisher Butler in 2:34.

Collyn Kivett (14U 125-130) won third and pinned McDonald County's David Bartholomew in 3:22 and won a 8-3 decision against Carthage's Kanon Williams and a 11-4 decision against Miami's Shane Douthit.



Jace Renfro (10U 150-170) earned first and won a 6-0 decision against Neosho's Gabriel Busteed and pinned Neosho's Brodie Leach in 13 seconds and Wildcat Takedown's D.J. Glidewell in 2:30.

Keith Pendergraft (6U 75-90) finished second and won a 10-7 decision against Monett's Reid Sayers and pinned Renegade Wrestling's David Way Jr. in 40 seconds.

Renfro also finished second in the 12U 140-150 division and pinned Southwest Twisters' Reed Jackson in 52 seconds.



Christopher Ramirez (8U 75) earned first and pinned Wildcat Takedown's Skylar Annecharico in 23 seconds, won a 15-1 major against Miami's Mateo Valdez, and won a 16-0 tech fall against Renegade Wrestling's Slade Karrarker.

Stevan Benhumea (10U 85) won first and pinned Renegade Wrestling's Hudson Caves in 31 seconds, Wildcat Takedown's Mason Gauss in 1:24, and Carthage's Eric Anderson in 55 seconds.

Benhumea also placed third in the 12U 85 division and pinned Ozark's Caden Harrington in 47 seconds and won a 21-5 tech fall against Neosho's Dylan Stephens.

Samuel Murphy (14U 175-190) pinned his way to first, taking down Diamond's X-Zontae Meeker in 1:09, Webb City's Liam Taylor in 52 seconds, and Bulldogs Wrestling's Catherine Dutton in 13 seconds.

Prestin Legrand (8U 45) finished second and won a 7-5 decision against Joplin's Kyler Allerton.

Christian Benhumea (8U 65) placed second and won a 15-0 tech fall against Lebanon's Lane Carr and a 11-0 major against Neosho's Braxton Bogle.

Sam Pacheco (10U 90) finished second and pinned Neosho's Kort Lawson in 3:26.

Trey Hardin (12U 130) placed second and pinned Carthage's Abdias Rabanales in 3:56.

Levi Smith (14U 125-130) also finished second and pinned Carthage's Kanon Williams in 1:30 and won a 11-2 major against Miami's Shane Douthit.

Ryder Martin (12U 80) placed third and pinned Columbus' Jansen Hale in 49 seconds, Neosho's Carter Lewis in 1:16, and Renegade Wrestling's Colton Roark in 2:39, and won a 19-4 tech fall against Nevada's Kason Clark.

Colter Vick (14U 135-140) finished third and pinned Wildcat Takedown's Liam Gwinup in 41 seconds and Joplin's Gerald Burke in 58 seconds.



Haden Thompson (12U 170) finished second and pinned Carthage's Jaxton Lopez in 34 seconds. Thompson also placed third in the 14U 155-165 division.

Brandon Calentine (14U 135-140) placed second and pinned Neosho's Austin Holloway in 54 seconds.

Tyler John Ellis (8U 65) finished third and pinned Wildcat Takedown's Jocelyn Roark in 54 seconds, Lebanon's Lane Carr in 50 seconds, and Neosho's Logan Hurn in 2:49, and won a 8-6 decision against Neosho's Braxton Bogle.

Kendal King (12U 115-120) placed third and pinned Ozark's Kaden Giles in 14 seconds and Neosho's Dayton Kivett in 18 seconds and won a 8-2 decision against Seneca's Sawyer Cornell. King also took fourth in the 14U 115-120 division.

X-Zontae Meeker (14U 175-190) finished third and won a 14-4 major against Bulldogs Wrestling's Catherine Dutton.