With a 15-2 victory over MCC-Maple Woods in Game 1 of a Region 16 doubleheader at Roughrider Field, Crowder head coach Travis Lallemand reached 500 career victories.

"I'll be honest with you," Lallemand said after the game. "I probably take more pride in that (doing things the right way) than any of the wins. We've done it the right way. We've treated players correctly. We've got them opportunities to move on. Not only are they doing it on the field, but the GPAs and the graduation rates and the transfer rates are off-the-charts, so I think that's how we've sustained it because they know that there's beneficial things for them at the end, as well.

"I haven't thrown a pitch or got an at-bat, so it's a testament to all the good players we've had over the years and plus my coaching staff has probably been here for 300-plus of them. We've been able to keep that together a long time and that's the story of a lot of our success. Now, 500 is great and we can focus on 501 here in a minute. It's great. I'm not going to take anything from it, I've been able to stay at it long enough to do it. It's an accomplishment, I'm not going to negate that, but it's one of the things the players have done it. They've bought into our system, we've had a great run, and hopefully, it keeps going."

Lallemand enters the upcoming 2019 season with a 528-253 overall record as Crowder head coach and the Roughriders have won at least 40 games eight times this decade (43 in 2010, 42 in 2011, 44 in 2012, 47 in 2013, 45 in 2014, 40 in 2016, 54 in 2017, and 46 in 2018) and made two JUCO World Series appearances in 2010 and 2017.

Lallemand won the Homa Thomas Sportsmanship Award at the JUCO World Series.