CARTHAGE — Neosho and Diamond youth wrestling squads competed Saturday in Carthage at the Carthage Youth Wrestling Tournament.



— Noah Quillman (14U 145 pounds) placed first and won a 12-1 major decision against Renegade Wrestling's Cayden Bolinger and pinned Webb City's Cooper Heilbrun in 1 minute, 43 seconds and Diamond's Skyler Cauble in 50 seconds.

Bostyn Patterson (12U 105-110) took first and won a 8-5 decision against Webb City's Steven Brown and pinned teammate Lukas Pooler in 1:25 and Joplin's Garrett Camp in 53 seconds. Pooler finished third and pinned Camp in 22 seconds.

Jonathan Chrisco (12U 95-100) placed first and won a 12-1 major against Rogers' Elijah Anderson and a 6-1 decision against Carthage's Marcus Torres and pinned Renegade Wrestling's James Hinderliter in 3:48.

Steven Friend (12U 90) placed first and pinned Bentonville's Ricky Burnett in 1:19 and teammate Kaymon Rhone in 1:59. Rhone finished second and pinned Burnett in 2:26 and Renegade Wrestling's Matthew Bysor in 2:32.

Gabriel Busteed (10U HWT) placed first and pinned Joplin's Jacob Gaughan in nine seconds, Carthage's Charlie Hill in seven seconds, teammate Brodie Leach in 42 seconds, and Bentonville's Hunter Brown in 41 seconds. Leach pinned Brown in 3:28 and Hill in 53 seconds and won a 4-3 tie breaker against Gaughan.

Kelton Shaffer (10U 80) won first and pinned Diamond's Hunter Seay in 1:54, Carthage's Mason Pugh in 2:42, and teammate Kaleb Godbersen in 3:36. Godbersen and fellow teammate Dane Arthur finished second and third, respectively. Godbersen pinned Arthur in 3:54 and Arthur took down Monett's Henry Reed in 1:23 and Webb City's Wyait Polen in 40 seconds.

Tucker Feagans (10U 60) placed first and won a 15-0 tech fall against Rogers' Benjamin Simos, pinned Monett's Kaleb Sherwood in 2:38, won a 15-0 tech fall against Nevada's Aiden Seay, won a 10-2 major against Joplin's Lucas Allen, and pinned Monett's Robert Ayers in 2:21.

Liam Sanny (6U 60) finished first and pinned Carthage's Remy Collins in 10 seconds and won a 16-3 major against Carthage's Sloan Porter.

Coleman Charlton (6U 55) placed first and won a 17-2 tech fall against Carthage's Truman Mankin and pinned Joplin's Mason Engh in 23 seconds and Bentonville's MarkKelly Soost in 1:38.

Keidan Osborn (6U 50B) finished first and pinned Monett's Blake Paternostro in 14 seconds, Carthage's Noah Obermann in 13 seconds, and Webb City's Greckyn Farrar in 28 seconds, and won a 13-3 major against Carthage's Trey Norbury.

Braxton Barrett (6U 45A) placed first and pinned Monett's Kelton Nguyen in nine seconds, Webb City's Olijah Leek in 25 seconds, and Joplin's Landry Schwab in 1:57.

Jaxon Ertel (10U 95-100) finished second and pinned Bentonville's Tristen Murray in 1:19 and Webb City's Cooper Tingle in 4:15, and won a 4-2 decision against Rogers' Kaden Belt.

William Wennhold and Cale VanDorn finished second and third, respectively, in the 10U 70B division. Wennhold pinned teammate Parker Wilson in 2:14, won a 10-3 decision against Nevada's Aleah Conard, and pinned Carthage's Jace Nichols in 2:49 and VanDorn in 41 seconds. Van Dorn pinned Conard in 2:37 and won a 17-10 decision against Nichols.

Jackson Weber (10U 65) placed second and won a 12-1 major against Bentonville's Payton Burnett, pinned teammate Zackary Willet in 2:21, and won a 7-1 decision against Nevada's Dillan Ogle. Willet placed fourth.

Sadee Leach (8U 115) finished second and pinned Carthage's Byron Pieschel in 18 seconds and Carthage's Grason Dobyns in 40 seconds.

Logan Hurn (8U 65) placed second and pinned Webb City's Liam Key in 1:30, Bentonville's Ben Millard in 1:13, and Carthage's Archie Taylor in 37 seconds, and won a 17-1 tech fall against Monett's Dakota Fowler.

Kasen Bridges (8U 60A) finished second and won a 7-0 decision against Renegade Wrestling's Ryder Porter and a 7-6 tie breaker against Bentonville's Lance Hendricks.

Lane Surratt (8U 45) placed second and won a 11-5 decision against Carthage's Maxwell Berry.

Austin Holloway (14U 135-140) finished third.

Collyn Kivett (14U 125-130) placed third and won a 17-1 tech fall against Carthage's Marvin Najera and pinned Nevada's Eli Mosher in 2:33.

Clancey Jones (8U 50B) placed third and won a 11-7 tie breaker against Carthage's Brycen Roland, pinned Rogers' Katie Simos in 35 seconds, and won a 17-11 decision against Bentonville's Conner Son.

Kaleb Wilson (6U 45A) finished third and won a 9-3 decision against Webb City's Oakley Powell and pinned Monett's Kelton Nguyen in eight seconds and Powell in 2:21.

Alex Feagans (6U 40) placed third and pinned Carthage's Sylas Killman in 55 seconds, won a 6-0 decision against Nevada's Gaven Dawn, and pinned Carthage's Oakley Reed in 2:24.



— X-Zontae Meeker (14U 155-170) placed first and pinned Rogers' Gabriel Soto-Story in 24 seconds and Nevada's Henry Campbell in 35 seconds.

Aaden Demery (10U 50-55) finished second and pinned Renegade Wrestling's Luke Cupp in 2:46.

Kale Adams (10U 90) placed third and pinned Bentonville's Corbin Miller in 52 seconds and Nevada's Asher Mosher in 37 seconds, and won a 17-14 decision against Webb City's Gauge Heilbrun.



Additionally, four area wrestlers competed in the Nixa Open on Saturday.

— Neosho's Jack Lankford (12U 105) took first and won a 6-0 decision against Terminator Wrestling's Chase Hicks, won a 17-2 tech fall against Rare Breed's Brett Osborn, and pinned Southwest Twisters' Jermaine Townsend in 1:02.

— McDonald County's Samuel Murphy (14U 190) pinned his way to first with takedowns of Bulldogs Wrestling's Catherine Dutton in 2:31, Ozark's Sean Collins in 1:21, Mountain Home's Will Chorba in 2:30, Lebanon's Makenna Dunham in 10 seconds, and Nixa's Garrett Davidson in 2:37.

— Diamond's Kendal King (12U 115) and Brandon Calentine (14U 140-145) each placed first.

King pinned Willard's Owen Sowders in 54 seconds, Republic's Caide White in 43 seconds, and Rogersville's Braden Bass in 1:10.

Calentine pinned Republic's Lucas Craig in 1:13.