MONETT — Neosho, Seneca, McDonald County, and Diamond youth wrestling teams all competed in the Monett tournament on Saturday.



— Kaleb Wilson (6U 45A) placed first and pinned Monett’s Noah Campbell in 49 seconds, Seneca’s Tytus Burkhart in 53 seconds, and Monett’s Tillie Ayers in 1:12.

Robert Johnson (6U 45B) placed first and pinned Ozark’s Elliott York in 15 seconds, Wildcat Takedown’s Jakob Henbest in 1:26, Monett’s Jordan Trent in 13 seconds, and Monett’s Kasen Kellner in 1:56, and won a 19-2 tech fall against Monett’s Jeb Sherwood.

Liam Sanny (6U 60-65) placed first and won a 16-1 tech fall against Bulldogs Wrestling’s Jaden Phillips and pinned Monett’s Steven Harper in 2:35, Carthage’s Jaxon Goodwin in 20 seconds, and Rogersville’s Avery Roland in 1:53.

Boone Johnson (8U 70A) placed first and pinned Willard’s Beau Brown in 33 seconds, won a 14-2 major against Monett’s Kaven Kellner, pinned Wildcat Takedown’s Tyler Hodge in 3:38, and pinned Diamond’s Tyler John Ellis in 2:16.

Blayne Patterson (10U 70A) won first and pinned Renegade Wrestling’s Cael Bolinger in 52 seconds, Terminator Wrestling’s Jordy Lee in 1:00, and Rogers’ Mason Salas in 51 seconds.

Lincoln Howard (10U 75A) took first and won a 13-3 major against Willard’s Landon Raab and a 5-2 decision against Rogers’ Jacob McCrary.

Kaleb Godbersen (10U 80A) placed first, pinned Willard’s Uriah Drew in 3:35, and won a 7-2 decision against Nixa’s Hunter Coy.

Gabriel Busteed (10U HWT) placed first and pinned Wildcat Takedown’s Tristan Voyles in eight seconds, Republic’s Matthew Lightfoot in 3:28, and Wildcat Takedown’s Logan Williams in 48 seconds.

Bostyn Patterson (12U 105) won first, won a 20-7 major against Ozark’s Daniel Laney, and won a 7-4 decision against Republic’s Logan Parker.

Carter Howard (12U 110) placed first, pinned Wildcat Takedown’s Breanna Gordon in 3:56 and Terminator Wrestling’s Gage Godfrey in 2:09, and won a 5-2 decision against Southwest Twisters’ Porter Talbot and a 5-4 decision against Terminator Wrestling’s Mason Whitworth.

Noah Quillman (14U 140-145) placed first and pinned Joplin’s Gerald Burke in 1:04 and Republic’s Lucas Craig in 34 seconds.

Zaiden Tomlinson (6U 50A) finished second and pinned Rogersville’s Rylend Sweet in 36 seconds and Monett’s August Thornton in 33 seconds.

Clancey Jones (8U 45-50) took second and pinned Wildcat Takedown’s Matthew Garrett in 33 seconds.

Sadie Leach (8U 100-115) placed second and pinned Carthage’s Grason Dobyns in 18 seconds.

Brodie Leach (10U 150) took second and pinned Nixa’s Rocky Schooler in 57 seconds.

Steven Friend (12U 90A) finished second, pinned Southwest Twisters’ David Duer in 3:02, and won a 4-3 decision against Wildcat Takedown’s Jaret Hinson.

Grady Johnson (8U 55A) finished third and pinned Monett’s Jacob Shaw in 23 seconds, pinned Seneca’s Jase Bard in 1:59, and won a 11-5 decision against Monett’s Tanner Swinford.

Kasen Bridges (8U 60B) placed third and pinned Nevada’s Kellen Edwards in 5:54 and Rogersville’s Keegan Riley in 1:40.

Braxton Bogle (8U 65A) finished third and won a 6-4 decision against Seneca’s Jairus Buzzard.

Creed Amato (10U 60A) finished third and pinned Monett’s Kaleb Sherwood in 1:01 and Wildcat Takedown’s Alexis Lopez in 30 seconds.

Kaylee Schibi (14U 115) finished third.



— Ryder Murphy (6U 50A) earned first and pinned Carthage’s Lucas Scribner in nine seconds and Neosho’s Zaiden Tomlinson in 46 seconds.

Jack Burkhart (6U 50B) earned first and pinned Monett’s Blake Paternostro in 12 seconds and Nixa’s Travis Weitzel in 35 seconds.

Dawson Manley (8U 75) placed first, won a 9-5 decision against Wildcat Takedown’s Spencer Drollinger and a 8-2 decision against Rogers’ Aden Sneary, and pinned Wildcat Takedown’s Keegan Snodgrass in 56 seconds.

Jaxon Rhoades (10U 65) earned first, pinned Neosho’s Zackary Willet in 34 seconds, McDonald County’s Kemper Englert in 1:29, and Wildcat Takedown’s Zebulon Blankenship in 5:02, and won a 11-5 decision against Carthage’s Caden Groom.

Jace Renfro (10U 150) placed first and pinned Nixa’s Rocky Schooler in 14 seconds and Neosho’s Brodie Leach in 1:23.

Nolan Napier (12U 120-125) took first and pinned Southwest Twisters’ Wesley Mayo in 43 seconds, Southwest Twisters’ Brad Englund in 1:07, and Bulldogs Wrestling’s Dalton Phillips in 48 seconds.

Lincoln Renfro (14U 135) finished second and pinned Diamond’s Brandon Calentine in 2:00 and Neosho’s Anthony Boettger in 1:14.

Tytus Burkhart (6U 45A) finished third, pinned Monett’s Kelton Nguyen in 27 seconds and Nixa’s Louis Durham in 37 seconds, and won a 5-3 decision against Monett’s Jackson Trent.



— Carson Misner (8U 60A) earned first, pinned Bulldogs Wrestling’s Ohana Phillips in 33 seconds, Monett’s Ezekiel Rodgers in 31 seconds, and Neosho’s Layvin Heathman in 23 seconds, and won a 12-0 major against Renegade Wrestling’s Ryder Porter and a 4-0 decision against Rare Breed’s Carter York.

Blayde Pagel (8U 70B) earned first, won a 6-0 decision against Webb City’s Jett Stotts, and pinned Wildcat Takedown’s Rebekka Cooper in 13 seconds.

Riley Cooper (10U 75B) finished second and pinned Nixa’s Dominic Reynoso in 50 seconds, Monett’s Anthony Stotts in 2:43, and Wildcat Takedown’s Braydyn Sizemore in 57 seconds.

Sam Pacheco (10U 90) placed second, won a 11-0 major against Monett’s John Finnegan and a 14-2 major against Wildcat Takedown’s Kevin Haas, and pinned Berryville’s Cason Willing in 1:06.

Trey Hardin (12U 130-140) finished third and pinned Carthage’s Sebastion Sikes in 4:54 and Southwest Twisters’ Reed Jackson in 4:56.



— Aaden Demery (10U 60B) placed first and pinned Monett’s Robert Ayers in 46 seconds, Wildcat Takedown’s Isabella Bauman in 35 seconds, and Monett’s Jaxon Stout in 37 seconds.

Kendal King (12U 115) placed first, won a 12-0 major against Webb City’s Steven Brown, and pinned Seneca’s Sawyer Cornell in 1:28 and Ozark’s Kaden Giles in 2:10.

Brandon Calentine (14U 135) finished third and pinned Neosho’s Anthony Boettger in 2:00.