SENECA — Neosho, McDonald County, Seneca, and Diamond competed in the Missouri USA Region C Tournament on Saturday in Seneca for a stake at qualifying for the state tournament.

Neosho, McDonald County, Seneca, and Diamond combined for 41 state qualifiers or 41 wrestlers finished in the top four at regionals.

This year’s state championships will be Saturday and Sunday at Hy-Vee Arena in Kansas City, a change of venue with past championships being held in St. Louis.



— Neosho Youth Wrestling had the third-most state qualifiers in its region with 18.

Boone Johnson (8U 65 pounds) placed first, pinned Ozark’s Landon Heaton in 1 minute, 46 seconds and Lebanon’s Reid Collins in 1:45, and won a 7-3 decision against Lebanon’s Linkin Darnell.

Gabriel Busteed (10U 170) finished first, pinned Marshfield’s Brodie Perkins in 31 seconds and Republic’s Matthew Lightfoot in 51 seconds, and won a 4-0 decision against Bolivar’s Jace Mashburn.

Jonathan Chrisco (12U 100) placed first, pinned Willard’s Jack Anderson in 2:00 and Branson’s Daniel Giles in 2:31, and won a 9-3 decision against Willard’s Noah Rogers.

Everson Tomlinson (12U 175) took first and pinned Southwest Twisters’ Camren Allen in 57 seconds and 2:41.

Bradyn Mosier (14U 80) placed first and pinned Waynesville’s Johnathan McDaniel in 4:03 and Willard’s Brady Precht in 1:14.

Blayne Patterson (10U 70) finished second and pinned Reeds Spring’s Brody Bekebrede in 2:00 and Springfield’s Peyton Chainey in 1:21.

Lincoln Howard (10U 75) finished second, won a 15-0 tech fall against Nevada’s Alan Pendergrass, and pinned Show-Me Elite’s Carson Mickem in 2:17.

Kelton Shaffer (10U 80) placed second and pinned Nixa’s Hunter Coy in 2:20 and Lebanon’s Carter Sing in 3:33.

Jaxon Ertel (10U 100) finished second.

Chase Kivett and Fisher Butler each qualified in the 12U 90 division, Kivett placing second and Butler fourth. Kivett pinned Lebanon’s Tanner Villafane in 1:20 and won a 2-0 sudden victory against Terminator Wrestling’s Wesley Rogers en route to the finals. Butler, meanwhile, pinned Waynesville’s Jameson Henry in 1:30 and Show-Me Elite’s Jack Mrozowicz in 2:38, and won a 9-0 major decision against teammate Dylan Stephens. Stephens placed fifth.

Jack Lankford and Carter Howard finished second and third, respectively, in the 12U 105 division. Lankford pinned Lebanon’s Nicholas Allen in 2:35 and won a 9-0 major against Republic’s Logan Parker. Howard won a 7-4 decision against Ozark’s Daniel Laney, a 7-3 decision against teammate Brett Meyer, and a 4-1 decision against Parker. Meyer placed fifth.

Bostyn Patterson (12U 110) finished second, won a 7-0 decision against Terminator Wrestling’s Mason Whitworth, and pinned Lebanon’s Avery Starnes in 48 seconds.

Collyn Kivett (14U 125) finished second, won a 12-2 major against Waynesville’s Aiden Sterns, and won a 6-4 decision against McDonald County’s Colter Vick.

Tucker Feagans (10U 60) finished third and pinned Terminator Wrestling’s Hannah Herrera in 1:08, Willard’s Kallie Reiber in 37 seconds, and Waynesville’s Tristan Ace in 2:29.

Kort Lawson (10U 90) finished third, won a 12-1 major against Monett’s John Finnegan, and won a 4-2 decision against Wildcat Takedown’s Kevin Haas and a 5-3 decision against Nixa’s Rush Crayon, an opponent who pinned Lawson earlier in the tournament.

Noah Quillman (14U 145) placed third and won a 11-4 decision against Republic’s Lucas Craig and a 3-2 decision against Renegade Wrestling’s Cayden Bolinger.



— McDonald County Youth Wrestling earned 12 state qualifiers.

Christian Benhumea (8U 60) won first, pinned Show-Me Elite’s Daxton Weinbaum in 2:31, and won a 6-2 decision against Rare Breed’s Ian Griffin and a 1-0 decision against Rare Breed’s Carter York in the finals.

Steven Benhumea (10U 75) placed first, won a 16-1 tech fall against Willard’s Sullevan Eoff, won a 5-0 decision against Southwest Twisters’ Hayden Fick, and pinned Neosho’s Lincoln Howard in 34 seconds.

Levi Smith (14U 115) placed first, pinned Ozark’s Lucas Campbell in 2:24, won a 14-1 major against Terminator Wrestling’s Tyler Storment, and won a 16-9 decision against Ozark’s Brock Sundlie.

Samuel Murphy (14U 190) won first, won a 19-4 against Bulldogs Wrestling’s Catherine Dutton, and pinned Show-Me Elite’s Gabriel Sutton in 2:45 and Nixa’s Draven Vangilder in 50 seconds.

Carson Misner (8U 55) finished second and won a 6-0 decision against Pali Elite’s Parker Hansen and a 2-1 decision against Rare Breed’s Andrew York.

Christopher Ramirez (8U 75) finished second, pinned Webb City’s Remington Harpole in 53 seconds, and won a 8-0 major against Carl Junction’s Boston Whittley.

Sam Pacheco (10U 90) finished second, won a 10-1 major against Show-Me Elite’s Isaiah Hockersmith, and pinned Wildcat Takedown’s Kevin Haas in 3:38.

Preston Legrand (8U 45) and Alyssa Jackson (10U 100) each finished third.

Ryder Martin (12U 85) placed third and won a 10-3 decision against Bulldogs Wrestling’s Lucas Gideon, a 9-2 decision against Renegade Wrestling’s T.J. Campster, and a 5-1 decision against Bulldogs Wrestling’s Gideon for third.

Trey Hardin (12U 130) finished third, pinned Waynesville’s Braylon Scott in 1:48 and won a 8-2 decision against Carthage’s Sebastion Sikes.

Colter Vick (14U 125) placed fourth, won a 8-7 decision against Lebanon’s Gavin Smith, and pinned Willard’s William Collier in 1:20.



— Seneca Youth Wrestling qualified eight for state.

Dawson Manley (8U 75) placed first, won a 4-2 decision against Wildcat Takedown’s Keegan Snodgrass, won a 11-0 major against Marshfield’s Avery McNish, and won a 6-3 decision against McDonald County’s Christopher Ramirez in the finals.

Brant Laughlin (10U 70) finished first and pinned Willard’s Nicholas Lamontia in 1:30, Rare Breed’s Jesse Justice in 3:50, and Neosho’s Blayne Patterson in 3:56.

Jace Renfro (10U 150) placed first and pinned Republic’s Cooper White in 34 seconds, Willard’s Kain Gateley in 2:13, and Wildcat Takedown’s D.J. Glidewell in 1:57.

Brady Roark (14U 90) placed first, pinned Bulldogs Wrestling’s Jalen Ndongi in 1:23, and won a 18-3 tech fall against Renegade Wrestling’s Samuel Melton.

Keaton Burleson (14U 75) took second and won a 3-0 decision against Rogersville’s Mason Sanders.

Raymond Hembree (14U 100) finished second, pinned Nixa’s Nathaniel Brower in 27 seconds, and won a 14-2 major against Bulldogs Wrestling’s Gaven Bremenkamp.

Nolan Napier (12U 120) finished third, pinned Bulldogs Wrestling’s Dalton Phillips in 45 seconds, and won a 6-4 decision against Diamond’s Brayden Clement and a 5-2 decision against Nevada’s Tyler Longobardi.

Lincoln Renfro (14U 135) placed third and won a 8-2 decision against Lebanon’s Preston Wood, a 9-3 decision against Lebanon’s Kieler Branch, and a 9-6 decision against Springfield’s Beau Thompson.



— Diamond Youth Wrestling rounded out the 41 state qualifiers from the Daily News coverage area with their trio of grapplers.

Haden Thompson (12U 165) placed second and pinned Carthage’s Jaxton Lopez in 57 seconds and Republic’s Harley Casady in 42 seconds.

Kendal King (12U 115) placed third and pinned Camdenton’s Finnegan McNitt in 1:05, Neosho’s Dayton Kivett in 10 seconds, and Show-Me Elite’s Isaiah Gasparac in 58 seconds.

Brandon Calentine (14U 140) finished third, pinned Ozark’s Sawyer Baker in 3:50, won a 15-0 tech fall against Joplin’s Gerald Burke, and won a 9-5 decision against Bolivar’s Trey Brewer.