The Neosho Wildcats’ boys tennis squad has already earned two more dual victories than it had all last season, beginning their 2019 season with a 8-1 victory Monday against Parkview and a 5-4 victory Tuesday against Monett.

Neosho, 2-0 overall, returned to action, weather permitting, at home against Mount Vernon.

In singles action Monday, No. 1 Connor Burghart defeated Nicholas Moskalski 8-0, No. 2 Julian Henderson defeated Antonio Rubio 8-0, No. 3 Carter Abbott lost 9-8 (7-3) to Miles Jackson in a tiebreaker, No. 4 Dylan McNeill defeated Atreu Shikany 9-8 (7-3) in another tiebreaker, No. 5 Landon Austin defeated Nicholas McQueary 8-2, and No. 6 Matt Houk defeated Logan Rathbun 8-1.

In doubles action, No. 1 Burghart-Henderson defeated Rubio-Jackson 8-2, No. 2 Abbott-McNeill defeated Moskalski-Rathbun 9-7, and No. 3 Austin-Houk defeated Shikany-McQueary 8-1.

In JV matches, Melvin Lopez and Brandt Gonzales won their doubles match, while Kellen Hoerning-Aidan Toye and Alex Hopper-Joseph Butler each lost theirs.

On Tuesday, in singles, No. 1 Burghart defeated Jackson Spencer 9-7, No. 2 Henderson defeated Casey Shields 8-1, No. 3 Abbott lost 8-2 to Aaron Hoyt, No. 4 McNeill lost 9-8 (7-3) to Dylan Lynch with a pair of tiebreakers to start the season for McNeill, No. 5 Austin defeated Angel Salas 8-2, and No. 6 Houk lost 8-4 to Ben Hoyt.

In doubles, No. 1 Burghart-Abbott lost 9-8 (7-4) to Spencer-Shields, No. 2 Henderson-McNeill defeated Aaron Hoyt-Lynch 8-1, and No. 3 Austin-Houk defeated Salas-Ben Hoyt 8-5.

In JV matches, Lopez-Gonzales and Lopez-Joseph Butler each won doubles matches, while Hoerning-Hopper dropped their match.

Last season, Neosho did not face Parkview and lost 7-2 to Monett at home.