The Neosho Wildcats fell to 2-2 overall and 0-1 Central Ozark Conference with a 9-0 defeat Tuesday against the Republic Tigers.

In singles, No. 1 Julian Henderson lost 8-3 to Isaac Jordan, No. 2 Connor Burghart lost 8-1 to William Berry, No. 3 Carter Abbott lost 8-3 to Jack Cook, No. 4 Dylan McNeill lost 8-1 to Kile Thornhill, No. 5 Landon Austin lost 8-1 to Ethan Ragsdale, and No. 6 Matt Houk lost 8-4 to Lucas Hayes.

In doubles, No. 1 Henderson-McNeill fell 8-2 to Jordan-Thornhill, No. 2 Burghart-Abbott 8-3 to Berry-Cook, and No. 3 Austin-Houk 8-1 to Ragsdale-Hayes.

Neosho returned to action, weather permitting, Thursday on the road against conference foe Willard.

The Wildcats lost 6-3 to Mount Vernon in their third dual of the season last Thursday.

No. 1 Burghart lost 8-4 to Sam Burks, No. 2 Abbott lost 8-6 to Chase Strong, No. 3 McNeill lost 8-2 to Evan Sappington, No. 4 Austin defeated Patrick Ladd 8-3, No. 5 Houk defeated Brett Violett 8-3, and No. 6 Melvin Lopez lost 8-4 to Isaac Barker.

In doubles, No. 1 Burghart-Abbott lost 8-4 to Burks-Strong, No. 2 McNeill-Austin lost 8-4 to Sappington-Ladd, and No. 3 Houk-Lopez lost 8-1 to Violett and Carter Bartlesmeyer.