GRANBY — The East Newton boys and the Lamar girls won team championships Saturday at the East Newton Invitational.

On the boys side, East Newton senior Jacob Bennion and sophomores Kelton Sorrell and Gabe Bergan each finished in the top seven runners and their 15 points between them helped the Patriots finish with 47 points, 31 less than runner-up Spokane.

Bennion placed fifth in 16:40.90, Sorrell sixth in 16:45.70, and Bergen seventh in 16:53.50, while Garrett Downum took 14th in 17:26.00, Marcus Shaeffer 24th in 18:04.30, Robert McFarland 54th in 19:47.10, and Toshinori Bennion 98th in 22:29.40.

Neosho placed third in the team standings with 90 points — Kaden Cole finished eighth in 16:59.70, Nate Wimpey 16th in 17:34.30, Cooper Hayes 20th in 17:41.30, Harry Slinkard 31st in 18:48.20, Gabriel Mabrey 32nd in 18:49.20, Bryce Hall 50th in 19:37.40, Jeremiah Enlow 51st in 19:38.10, Collin Williams 67th in 20:23.70, and Christian Williams 71st in 20:26.30.

McDonald Coutny took sixth with 151 points, behind the performances of seniors Garrett Spears and David Lazalde. Spears placed 12th in 17:19.00 and Lazalde 15th in 17:32.10. Jackson Behm finished 37th in 19:02.60, Levi Smith 58th in 19:59.80, Isaac Behm 61st in 20:07.10, Kyle Killion 68th in 20:24.90, Hunter Leach 75th in 20:47.70, and Tyler Moritz 82nd in 21:01.80.

Diamond finished 14th in the team standings with 359 points and Wesley Roughton placed 73rd in 20:33.10, Jake Frazier 83rd in 21:05.90, Nathaniel Huebner 84th in 21:09.10, Blake Irwin 104th in 23:36.80, Ethan Cupp 110th in 24:45.50, Ashton Russell 112th in 25:27.60, and Caden Schmet 115th in 38:21.60.

Seneca freshman Max Golden finished 60th in 20:07.10 and junior Dakota Wilson 79th in 20:50.80.

Lamar senior Kolin Overstreet won the top individual prize with a time of 15:45.00, 36.10 seconds faster than Spokane junior Sam Shuman.

On the girls side, Lamar freshman Kiersten Potter beat out Aurora sophomore Kaci Singer, the only runners who finished below 20 minutes. Potter proved fastest by about 32 seconds than Singer, 19:25.60 (Potter) to 19:57.00 (Singer). Behind Potter, Lamar won the team title with 49 points, edging out College Heights by four points.

Aurora junior Aubrey Boatwright placed fourth in 20:19.80.

McDonald County placed fourth in team standings with 75 points and Bailey Miller led the way in ninth in 21:32.10 and Addy Mick placed 16th in 22:40.70, Melysia McCrory 18th in 22:50.20, Anna Price 27th in 23:31.80, and Haley Walczak 51st in 32:45.10.

East Newton came in fifth with 92 points and Kylie Voorhies finished 20th in 22:55.70, Dorothy Smith 26th in 23:31.00, Ella Rader 31st in 25:06.70, Brianna Kemble 34th in 25:22.20, Jasmine Hill 44th in 27:17.10, Angela Carter 46th in 28:45.80, and Elizabeth Farnsworth 53rd in 33:29.60.

Neosho had three runners finish in the top 15, but, unfortunately for the Lady Wildcats, they did not have the prerequisite five runners to compete for the team championship.

Jayden Adams, Destiny Colston, and Makenna Davis, two freshmen (Adams, Davis) and one senior (Colston), placed 10th in 21:44.10, 14th in 22:27.70, and 15th in 22:35.30, respectively.

Isabella Mabrey finished 45th in 27:39.90.

Team results, boys: East Newton 47, Spokane 78, Neosho 90, Southwest 100, Lamar 107, McDonald County 151, Reeds Spring 196, School of the Ozarks 231, Galena 251, Crane 258, Wheaton 277, Aurora 282, McAuley Catholic 344, Diamond 359.

Team results, girls: Lamar 49, College Heights 53, Summit Prep 68, McDonald County 75, East Newton 92.