Area author pens a new devotional book with a down home feel

Paul Adam Herd
PAH Publishing/Golden Roads Publishng Special to The Neosho Daily News
Author uth Guenzler,, shown, has a new devotional title.

Monett,MO - A Southwest Missouri publisher, Golden Roads Publishing, an imprint of PAH Publishing, Monett, has announced the upcoming publication of a new devotional book.

Written by regional writer Ruth Guenzler, 103+ Whispers From God's Mine, the book is described as having a "down home" feel.

In these trouble times as many search for answers, Guenzler's book may provide some of those answers.

Guenzler grew up in Cassville, MO and now makes her home in Villa Ridge, MO with her husband John. She believes growing up in this small town in the Ozarks and attending one of the last one room country schools gives her, as she quotes her,” tilted view of life.”

The publisher sat down for an interview with their newest author:

GOLDEN ROADS PUBLISHING (GRP): Can you tell us about your first published book?

RUTH GUENZLER (RG):The book is a collection of things that God has “whispered” into on my heart. Jesus taught in parables during His life. He knew that we could comprehend things better if we can liken it to familiar things. He knows that I learn better that way as well.

GRP:You choose a unique title where did that come from?

RG: When I began to try to pull my notes together into a form that would be better for a book, I knew I didn’t have enough notes for a 365-day devotional. God very clearly impressed on me that I should work till He told me it was enough. I had used a lower number in the title and when the first draft came back my husband counted and told me that I would have to adjust the title. Adding the 103+ seemed not only to reflect my quirky nature but also that God always wants to continue the conversation with His children.

GRP:How do you prepare to write a devotional?

RG: I have a large basket at my house next to my desk. From time to time I would get impressions that seemed to shine a light on different scriptural passages and the nature of God’s love for us. Those scribbled notes would be tossed in the basket. I doubt they would make sense or be legible to anyone else but me; but it began there.

GRP: How long have you wanted to be a writer?

RG: I come from a long line of story tellers and I remember being so impatient as a young child that I would never learn to read. Soon after I began to learn to read, I began to write little stories. Mama was sentimental as I am, and she would tuck many of these little papers into her big Bible dictionary which I am privileged to own now. In high school my desire to write increased and was nurtured by a wonderful patient teacher who read anything I would write, in addition to his teaching. He would correct but was always encouraging and never discouraged me.

GRP: What do you hope readers will take away from reading your book?

RG: I would love for the readers of my book would read a devotion and stop to think as they see things on a new slant and realize how very much God loves them and wants to have a relationship with them. It took me years to realize that I am God’s favorite, but that is ok because each of His children is His favorite.

GRP:What is the best thing about being a published author?

RG: I love to be able to paint a scene with words, to put my reader in that story. One of the highest compliments I get from things I write is when people say I made them cry or laugh or think.

GRP: We are sure that one book is never enough, what are you working on now?

RG: I began a few years ago writing what I call Sock Stories. They are stories set on a farm much like where I grew up. My main characters are a pair of brothers who just happen to be work socks. Their adventures always have some spiritual lesson or point. I had set them aside while working on the Whispers book. I am not sure they will ever be marketable, but I’ve come to love the characters and even working within the limitations of stories that have elements that are believable.

GRP: That all sounds interesting, but what advice would you give other aspiring writers?

RG: I pass on the same good advice I was given. Write what you know. Don’t wait for it to be perfect or good to write. I think it’s like a muscle to be exercised. I’d tell them that they don’t have to fit a certain mold; I’d tell them to be who they are and let the writing flow from that.

GRP: If you were going to write your life’s story what would the title be?

RG: My questions or issues always seem to fall a bit out of the normal groove. In a multiple choice quiz my best answer falls between 2 options so I’d have to say something like You Wouldn’t Believe Me If I Told You or Just Wait Till You Hear This One.

Guenzler’s book 103+ Whispers from God’s Heart…to Mine is published by Golden Roads Publishing an imprint of PAH Publishing of Monett, MO. It will be available Aug 27, 2020 through their website at

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