Spire helps Lawrence County farmers save time and money

Staff reports

Since 1920, Spire has been certified to deliver natural gas in many areas of Lawrence County, Missouri. Recently, the Missouri Public Service Commission approved the company’s Certificate of Convenience and Necessity (CCN) to extend its services into new parts of the County.

Switching to natural gas from propane gas can help poultry farmers save thousands of dollars annually.   

“We currently use propane for our poultry farm, which requires a lot of heat,” said Justin Bellis, who farms in Lawrence County. “Having access to natural gas will reduce the costs of our farming operations significantly and put money back into our pockets.” 

Bellis says switching to natural gas is also a more efficient option for his family. 

“We spend about an hour each day checking propane levels in our tanks,” he continued. “Propane also has to be delivered, which requires scheduling and coordination. Now, with natural gas, we will have continuous access to fuel without the hassle.” 

Spire has a team dedicated to helping poultry farmers who want access to natural gas. The team hopes to help more farmers in the future. 

“As an energy provider, we recognize the importance of supporting agriculture and the farmers who work diligently to meet the needs of people and communities,” said Patti Reardon, Spire manager of Business Development. “Providing these farmers with a reliable flow of natural gas means they'll never run out of energy for their busy poultry operations.”