Clint Dalbom: Progress

Clint Dalbom
Neosho Parks Director

Someone asked me if this year was going to be a letdown since we do not have any big projects in the works like we did last year. The development of the bike trails at High Ground Bike Preserve did in fact keep us busy throughout the year. We were excited to see what the finished product would look like. But we are excited for the coming year, we have many good things coming.

First off, we are redoing the restrooms on the grounds at the golf course. These restrooms are long overdue to be redone and brought up to date for current ADA requirements. Our goal is to make the golf course more user friendly. There are still restroom issues out there but that too will be corrected in time.

Golf cart paths at the golf course are currently in very bad shape. This year’s plan includes initiating repairs to the cart paths. The bids are out, and several local asphalt companies have been looking over the job, putting together figures ahead of the upcoming bid opening.

Big Spring Park has long been overdue for a restroom upgrade. We are currently in the process of securing a contractor to build a new restroom on the north end of the park near the trout pool. Bids were taken and City Council approved a contractor for this project.

Hawthorne Park received a new fence along the west edge between the park and the Golf Course. The same style fence was extended along Lusk Drive, replacing the fence that was there that went from a three-strand barbed wire to chain link to wooden board fence then back to barbed wire. The plan includes refurbishing the cooking grills, repaving the drive, and redoing the lawn in areas where it needs work.

Plans are to pave Crystal Springs Park as well. This small park borders the golf course just north of the Missouri Conservation Department Office.

Neosho City Council has approved the Parks Department to apply for grant money to continue working on the bike trails. The next set of trails will be built toward the north end of Morse Park on the east side of the creek. The park extends to the top of the hill. This trail will include approximately 2.5 miles and would include a stream crossing.

Scenic Park improvements include work to the ball field(s) and upgrades to the older playground equipment. We had to remove an old slide for Scenic Park for insurance purposes but have plans to upgrade the other older units to make them safe.

This is a sampling of the projects that we have in the works for this current fiscal year. These improvements will cause some inconvenience to our park users. Please be patient, it is all “Progress in the Parks”.

Neosho Parks are Special! Get out and enjoy them!

- Clint Dalbom, Neosho Parks Director