School district kicks off Telemedicine service for students and staff

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The Neosho School District now offers Telemedicine health services to students.

A partnership between the Newton County Commission and Freeman Neosho Hospital has made it possible for the district to offer the service.

The goal is to keep students and staff healthy and in school by providing prompt, convenient, access to a healthcare provider.

If a student becomes ill at school and needs to see a medical provider, the school nurse can now offer the opportunity for a Telemedicine visit with a Freeman provider.

With parents’ permission students can be seen by a Freeman provider via telehealth from the school nursing office. Parents can attend the visit from their cell phone, computer or other smart device without having to leave work or home.

How It Works:

1. Your child becomes sick at school and goes to the school nurses’ office.

2. The nurse recognizes that the child needs to be seen by a medical provider before they can return to the classroom and follows their normal process of notifying the parent.

3. The parent is given the option of using the TELEMEDICINE program in their school nurses’ office. The parent can participate in their child’s TELEMEDICINE visit from work/home using their cell phone, computer or IPAD.

4. When a TELEMEDICINE visit is chosen, the school nurse will forward the parent’s contact phone number to a Freeman representative.

5. The Freeman representative will call the parent to get permission to treat the child, discuss payment options, obtain appropriate documentation, and obtain the child’s medical history. Freeman will send the parent a secure link that allows them to attend their child’s TELEMEDICINE visit using the smart device of their choice. The parent will see and hear the entire TELEMEDICINE visit, and be able to interact with the provider, the school nurse, and their child. If a parent does not have access to a smart device, they may also attend by telephone.

6. If prescriptions are needed, they will be called to the parents’ pharmacy of choice.

7. If further testing is needed for diagnosing, it will be discussed with the parent during the TELEMEDICINE visit. The parent will be given the option of having the provider order the tests at Freeman, OR the provider will forward the orders to the parent to be completed at their location of choice.Test results can only be released to the parent or legal guardian of the minor child.)

8. Upon completion of the TELEMEDICINE visit, the medical provider and the school nurse will determine if the student can return to the classroom or if they must go.home from school.

What Does It Cost: The TELEMEDICINE visit is a $35.00 flat fee. Patients for whom Freeman is in network for telemedicine services will have the option of having their health insurance billed for the service OR can choose to pay the $35.00 flat fee and no insurance will be filed. (If you request that insurance be filed for the TELEMEDICINE visit, Freeman is required to follow the billing rules of your health plan).

What Conditions Can Be Treated With TELEMEDICINE: TELEMEDICINE visits can be used for most minor conditions that come on suddenly. If the provider determines during your TELEMEDICINE visit that your condition requires an in person office visit, you will be offered a priority appointment to see a Freeman provider that same day, and the $35.00 TELEMEDICINE payment will be credited toward your same-day in person office visit. If for some reason you are unable to make the same day appointment, the $35.00 that you have made will cover the TELEMEDICINE visit that you completed.

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