Neosho enters into agreement with Allied Services for Solid Waste Services

Seth Kinker

On March 16, at their bi-monthly meeting, the Neosho City Council agreed to contract with Allied Services for Solid Waste Services. 

Neosho City Manager David Kennedy prefaced the agenda item that, due to the large contract, the council had agreed that the submitters, Waste Corporation of America (WCA) and Allied Services, come in to give presentations for their services. 

Council discussed, at length, with representatives from WCA, the company that the city has contracted with in the past, about service issues. 

“We get a lot of complaints about service around here,” said Allen. “This has been (an issue) since I’ve been on council. Sometimes the price, we’re talking dollars to dollars, but are we talking apples to apples? I’ll pay more for good service.” 

“I got emails just this afternoon to change (services),” added Councilmember William J.P. Doubek.

After Allied Services' presentation, which boasted a 99.9% pickup rate, Councilmember Tyler DeWitt asked when they would be able to start along with where the pickup rate percentage came from. 

Jennifer Fagan, the Allie Services representative at the meeting, said they would be able to start June 1 as per the bid and the rate came companywide for residential business. 

Later, Allen would recommend that they award the bid to Allied with a second from DeWitt before the council's decision was unanimously agreed upon. 

Allied's residential monthly rate is $10.95 per month with one 96-gallon cart and an extra fee of $5 per month for an additional cart. The senior monthly rate is $9.50.