Neosho Election Results from April 6

Seth Kinker
Neosho Daily News

The unofficial results for the general municipal election in Newton County, Missouri, with all 24 precincts reporting, are in.

During the November elections, the citizens of Neosho approved changing the number of City Council members from five to seven and established four wards. Of the five current council members, Mayor Carmin Allen and Councilman Tom Workman’s terms both end in Apr. 2021 and neither filed for reelection.

The openings are in Ward 1 for a three-year term, Ward 2 for a two-year term, Ward 3 for a two-year term and a general At Large opening for a three-year term that will be voted on by all four voting precincts. 

The seats on the last ballot for the Neosho School District, currently held by Steffen Weist and Dan Haskins were uncontested and automatically renew for three years. Board member David Steele recently stepped down due to other obligations and his seat will be filled by the board by late May, early June.

Below are the results.

Newton County Health Department – Four-year term

Of the 9,294 votes, Patty A. Krueger (26.89%), James R. Carter Jr. (20.79 %) and Jon S. Willard (13.19%) won the three seats.

Newton County Ambulance District

Proposition #1 – Restoration of Original Levy Rate – May the Board of Director of Newton County Ambulance District be authorized to reset the District’s current levy rate of 0.1878 cents per $100 of assessed value up to a maximum of the previously voter authorized rate of 0.3500 cents per $100 hundred dollar assessed valuation for the current tax year?

Of the 3,701 ballots, Proposition #1 passed with 54.31% voting yes and 45.69% voting no.  

City of Neosho

Proposition “A”  - In an attempt to eliminate the unfair advantage enjoyed by out of state vendors over local vendors, shall the City of Neosho, Missouri impose a local use tax at the same rate as the total sales tax rate, currently three percent (3%), provided that if the local sales tax rate is reduced or raised by voter approval, the local tax use rate shall also be reduced or raised by the same action? Use tax shall not be required to be paid by person whose purchases from out of state vendors do not exceed in total more than two thousand dollars ($2,000) in any calendar year?

For City of Neosho, a total the 1,122 ballots, Proposition A did not pass with a 51.51% voting no and 48.49% voting yes.

Ward One – Three-year term 

Ashton Robinson

Ashton Robinson ran unopposed for the seat, earning 93.87% of the votes.

Ward Two – Two-year term

Richard Davidson

Richard B. Davidson won the seat with 66.3% of the votes with Clyde B. Hopper earning 33.7%.

Ward Three – Two-year term 

Julie Humphrey

Julie James Humphrey won the seat with 62.01% of the votes with Jon Stephens earning 37.43%

At Large Council Seat – Three-year term 

Charles Collinsworth

Charles Collinsworth won the seat with 46.6% of the votes, Mitch Jarvis earned 39.98% and Kathi Hukill Pellegrin earned 12.51%.