Hello, Sunshine Market hosting pop up event on Saturday

Seth Kinker
Neosho Daily News

Hello, Sunshine Market, a boutique in Granby, started as a mobile boutique.

Co-owners Sarah James and Andrea Wald would pack up their items and travel to festivals in the summer, that’s where they got to know many of the artisans whose items, they have in their shop.

Their first event, before they had their brick and mortar shop at 117 W Valley St, was at Weston Place in Neosho right around this time to kick off the summer.

Now, this Saturday, Jun. 5, Hello, Sunshine Market will be hosting their own pop up market at 117 W. Valley Street.

“We’d actually planned to have it last year but then COVID happened,” said James. “And of course, no one was able to have big events like this. Really, the thought is to be able to have a lot of great vendors and artisans in one spot for the day and just to have an experience in a small town that’s an unexpected fun experience for the day.”

The mural on the wall where the music will be played for the pop up event on Saturday.

Live music will be played throughout the day, with tips going toward raising funds for East Newton’s non-profit animal shelter.

In addition to the music, over 30 artisans, vendors and boutiques will be part of the event. James and Wald handpicked the artisans and vendors by searching Etsy and talking to their local contact for a medley of different items and experiences.

“We work a lot with them,” said James on her and Wald choosing to help out East Newton’s non-profit animal shelter. “Animals just have our heart. We know how hard the two ladies that run that work. They do not get paid; they’re completely volunteering around the clock helping not only the Granby pound. They formed the nonprofit, the East Newton Animal Coalition because dogs just outside the Granby city limit can’t go to the pound. They were getting calls on all of these animals that were stray outside of Granby, they formed the nonprofit to help those animas. They need help all the time, anytime. Anything we can come up with that helps them is something we want to be a part of.”

This pop-up market to kick off the arrival summer is planned to be an annual occurrence and will take place on their store’s property.

“Andrea and I have worked on the back behind our shop, we painted a mural,” said James. “That’s where the music and seating will be a fun atmosphere for the live music. Granby has allowed us to shut down the side street by our shop, you’ll be able to cross there over to where this fun old gas station is. The food trucks and vendors and other part of the market, 21 tents will be behind that old gas station.”

“I think it’s just incredibly exciting,” added James on Saturday’s event. "Granby is coming back to life again and it’s exciting to know we get to have people from all over the 4 states area come to Granby for the day, see the pop up market, enjoy the atmosphere and take a second look at Granby. It’s incredibly exciting.