Treasure Hunt at the Jewel of the Ozarks, June 18-19

Castleshire at Chateau Charmant

The Lost Spanish Treasure Hunt & Faire

Aye Lads and Lassies!

Hunt ye all for the old pirate Treasure of Amaro Pargo, lost in 1727 this Spanish Treasure will make ye rich!  Find the treasure and own the contents worth $500.!  (NO DIGGING NECESSARY AND NOT FOUND IN THE CASTLE!)  Clues for its whereabouts will be given at admission.  Figure them out, find & win the prize!  No purchase necessary to participate for this prize (clues can be obtained day of event at the gate.)

Castleshire at Chateau Charmant

Castleshire... the Jewel of the Ozarks:  Where historical events meet humanitarian efforts.

Like a jewel, Castleshire has many facets, we not only host events with some historical foundation, we honor and support the community organizations that strengthen our children and in this case with the Lost Spanish Treasure Hunt and Faire & the $500 Treasure, we honor & benefit one particular child, NICK, a local boy who is battling Combined Immune Variable Deficiency (CIVD).

To learn more about CIVD, Nick, or our upcoming Lost Spanish Treasure Hunt and Faire, you can go to Facebook and search,

Experience Raucous Revelry Outdoors!

Story: Founders, Robert and Bonnie have always been drawn to historical events and the romance of castle living. In 2005 they built Chateau Charmant. Survey results reveal that students feel indifferent or have a negative attitude towards social studies and history. Robert and Bonnie know that a shift happens once students actively play a role and participate in historically themed events. There are 3 proven ways to Inspire:  1: Get out of doors into the country.  2: Laughter and socializing in a Common Endeavor and 3: Do something to Benefit Someone Else!   The Lost Spanish Treasure Hunt has all 3!

So Celebrate an Inspiring Day at

The Lost Spanish Treasure Hunt & Faire… A Renaissance Festival and Artisan Marketplace at the Jewel of the Ozarks!  Experience our 25 Acre Hamlet, 3 stages surrounding a 13th century castle in the verdant Ozark rolling hills, arts and crafts fair, tournaments, games for all, and feasting all rolled up into one non-stop, day-long Adventure! 

Search for the Treasure and the first to find wins… but all win, because when searching for something hidden of value, there is joy in the search, in working together as families and friends!   If the Treasure is not found on the first day, the $500.00 prize will be searched for the next day as well. Join us and be inspired on June 18-19 for a day of revelry on this Father's Day weekend. For more information, go to BUY TICKETS NOW on EVENTBRITE