The Experience Neosho app is live!

Seth Kinker
Neosho Daily News

Experience Neosho, a smartphone app, is now available for download on the Apple and Google Play stores.

The idea for an app for the city has been around for several years, with Neosho Chamber of Commerce (NCC) Director of Communication and Membership Development Ashley Siler telling the Neosho Daily News that the chamber looked into it about five years ago but it wasn’t cost effective at that time.

Since then, the evolution of technology has brought the costs down and NCC Chief Executive Officer Lauri Lyerla recently attended a conference where companies showed their products.

“We were talking to this company and they told us it would probably be a month before they could get (the app) done,” said Siler. “And we really wanted to get it launched for Celebrate Neosho. They actually got it done in four days.”

The chamber hired App My Community to create their app, Experience Neosho.

With the cost having come down and the want to use it to promote the Jun. 26 event, the chamber was immediately interested in using it to promote Celebrate Neosho and Neosho as a whole.

“(App my Community) was showing us some of the different things available for events and things like that and we were like, ‘we’ve heard so many times in years past that there’s never been a good place to know what’s going on with Celebrate Neosho,’” said Siler. “We thought it would be a great way for us to partner with (the city) and roll it out.”

“We loved it. We were sold immediately,” added Siler. “It was funny, they were doing a demo for them and we were like, ‘Oh my gosh, we could use it for this, we could use it for that,’ Lightbulbs were going off. Going forward, we’ll use it for the garage sale, the Dogwood Tour, it’s just going to be a really good for all things Neosho.”

Siler told the Neosho Daily News the plan was to promote the app on the radio and hopefully on billboards in the future to let guests coming into the area know to download the app so they would be able to find out all about the businesses in the area and what’s going on.

Right now, the app is all things Celebrate Neosho. You can find schedules, performances, maps and information on the bevy of activities planned for the day.

A screenshot of the Experience Neosho app, which is currently set up for all things Celebrate Neosho, taking place on Jun. 26.
A screenshot of the Experience Neosho app, which is currently set up for all things Celebrate Neosho, taking place on Jun. 26.

On Jun. 27, the day after Celebrate Neosho, the app will update to Experience Neosho.

“It’s eat, shop, play and stay,” said Siler. “We’ll have all of the area businesses included in that at no charge, it’ll be a good comprehensive (list) of things to do in Neosho.”

Search “Experience Neosho” in the Apple and Google Play stores today to download the app.