Updates from Neosho’s Jun. 15 council meeting

Seth Kinker
Neosho Daily News

The Neosho City Council met on Jun. 15 for their bi-monthly meeting, closing out unfinished business, introducing new ordinances, discussing new business and discussing the closure of a section of Broadway Street.

Unfinished Business

-          Bill 2021-60: The city held the second and third readings for bill no. 2021-60 that removed Baxter street as a designated trucking route. Baxter street had been designated as a trucking route to accommodate Certified Express Inc. (CEI) and two other companies located on High street. With CEI changing locations and neither of the other two companies using Baxter street due to the width of the roadway, the change was requested. The Traffic Commission, which brought the issue to council, discussed, and unanimously approved the removal of Baxter street as a trucking route on May 10.

-          Bill 2021-62: The city held the second and third readings for bill no. 2021-62 that granted permanent and temporary easements to Newton County to construct and maintain improvements on the Coler Street Bridge over Hickory Creek.

-          Bill 2021-63: The city held the second and third readings for bill. No 2021-63 to relocate Hill street for the purpose of the building the school district’s new Performing Arts Center. The school district had requested that Hill street be relocated and will bear the cost of the relocation.

Introduction of New Ordinances

-          Bill 2021-66: Council approved bill no. 2021-66 that allows the city to enter into a contract with Visu-Sewer for sewer rehabilitation services. Council had already approved the slip lining project for installing cured in place pipe and related sewer rehabilitation services, this bill was the final proposal/contract to make that happen. The city used the city of Monett’s contract that was awarded to Visu-Sewer, not to exceed $300,000. That contract was the best overall price for the scope of work required in Neosho and the city has worked with Visu-Sewer in the past for this project.

-          Bill 2021-67: Council approved bill no. 2021-67, a contract with Allgeier Martin and Associates for sanitary sewer improvements and engineering at the Timber Ridge subdivision. The city was notified in March of infrastructure issues in the sanitary system at Timber Ridge. The scope of work includes the planning and possible replacement or rerouting of a sanitary sewer line along West Glen east from Werneke Drive to the east loop of Shery Lea Drive, approximately 2,000 linear feet of sanitary sewer line installation estimated to cost $514,000. The design is to include manholes, service line connections and testing within the project area boundary.

-          Bill 2021-69: Council approved bill no. 2021-69, approving Allgeier Martin and Associates for engineering services for the highway 86 and Hammer road roundabout. Due to business growth in the area, traffic congestion has become an issue. This agreement is to engineer and design a roundabout at the intersection of highway 86 and Hammer road, in partnership with the state’s department of transportation.

Councilman Richard Davidson asked about the timeline of the project, and City Manager David Kennedy responded that Feb. of 2022 would be when final bids would be awarded.

Councilman Charles Collinsworth asked if the roundabout would be in lieu of the stoplight and Kennedy responded that a traffic study didn’t approve a stoplight for the cities desired location.

New Business

One item approved under new business was to renew an annual contract with Blue Valley Public Safety Inc. for the maintenance off the outdoor warning sires.

The maintenance includes the servicing of the siren equipment, battery changes, repair and or replacement of equipment and parts under normal wear and usage. Blue Valley Public Safety is the sole source of maintenance for Federal Signal. A budgeted item paid for out of the emergency management that will cost $12,223.20, the cost went up $325 this year due to an increase in price on UV controls.

Another item approved under new business was the federal and state application for Hugh Robinson Airport in Neosho to start on the design process of taxi lanes and five twin T-Hangars.

The project is projected to start on Aug. 1 and be completed by Oct. of 2023. The city is working with Lochner.

Rachel Holcomb told council that the cities 2018 non primary entitlement (NPE) funds ($129, 143) had to be obligated by Sept. 30 of this year.

“we have $129,000 from the Federal Aviation Administration in NPE funds that will expire on Sept. 30, we are only going to use $120,000 so $9,000 will be going back to discretionary funds,” said Holcomb.

Airports with NPE funds that don’t cover projects costs can ask the department of transportation and the FAA for funds from the discretionary fund to finish their project.

“Next year we will need to budget $15,000 as a match for the design of the taxilanes and T-hangars,” added Holcomb.

Next, Holcomb updated council on Celebrate Neosho, taking place on Jun. 26.

Holcomb lauded the Events Board in their assistance with the planning process, telling council all of the vendors were ready and a variety of activities planned.

Celebrate Neosho will kick off in Morse Park with the bike tour and fishing derby on Saturday morning.

Vendors will set up at noon and the event will officially kick off at 3 p.m.