Fireworks and the fourth of July

Neosho Fire Department

For many, fireworks have become an important part of the Fourth of July celebration, but care must be taken when setting them off.  Fireworks can burn and explode causing serious injuries.

NEVER hold fireworks while lighting them, and NEVER aim them at other people or animals.  Light fireworks on a flat surface away from buildings and dry grass; light the fuse and get away.  Fireworks should be aimed away from houses and other structures so as not to cause fires.  Do not reach over fireworks when lighting them.  Don’t hold fireworks while holding them nor hold them why they are discharging.

Keep water available in case you need to extinguish any fires.

If any fireworks don’t work, don’t attempt to fix them, and don’t relight them.  Leave them alone for a while and soak the fireworks in water to keep them from discharging later.  Never attempt to make your own fireworks or “experiment” with using them in a way in which they were not intended.

Young children should not be allowed to use fireworks.  Older children should use them only under adult supervision.  Even sparklers become very hot (anywhere from 1800° - 3000° Fahrenheit) and can cause serious burns from the sparks, and for some time after they are burned out.  Make sure and keep them (and all fireworks) away from flammable items after use.

In Missouri, only fireworks labeled “1.4G” or “Class C” are legal for use by the public.  Examples of prohibited fireworks include cherry bombs and “M-80”s.  Commercial grade fireworks cannot be sold to or used by the public, only by licensed fireworks dischargers.

In the City of Neosho, sale or discharge of bottle rockets is prohibited by city ordinance.  Under the city fire code, sky lanterns must be tethered.  Fireworks may be discharged between 7 AM to 11 PM on July 1st – July 10th, with July 4th being extended to midnight.