Alzheimer’s Association hosts healthy living for your brain and body class

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The Rolla Daily News

For centuries, we've known that the health of the brain and the body are connected. But now, science is able to provide insights into how to make lifestyle choices that may help you keep your brain and body healthy as you age. At any age, there are lifestyle habits we can adopt to help maintain or even potentially improve our brain health as we age and possibly delay the onset of cognitive decline. To help people age well in the new year and beyond, the Alzheimer’s Association is offering the ‘Healthy Living for Your Brain and Body: Tips from the Latest Research’ program.

"Recent studies are showing that making small lifestyle changes can have huge effects on your brain health,” according to Alzheimer's Association program manager Jeremy Koerber. “Cutting back on alcohol and smoking and engaging in physical activity, staying socially active, and eating a proper diet on a consistent basis may reduce your risk of dementia by as much as 60%. Even adopting just one lifestyle change decreases the risk of developing dementia by 22%. This session can help guide people looking for a healthy New Year's Resolution in 2021 and beyond as they continue to age."

This virtual class will cover research in the areas of diet and nutrition, exercise, cognitive activity and social engagement, and use hands-on tools to help you incorporate these recommendations into a plan for healthy aging.

‘Healthy Living for Your Brain and Body: Tips from the Latest Research’ is designed for individuals of any age who are looking for information on ways to age as well as possible. The course is free and is being offered several times in January, but registration is required to receive a Zoom link.

To find a course that fits your schedule, visit or call the Alzheimer’s 24/7 Helpline at 800.272.3900.