Neosho Police Department thanks Hillbilly Outlet for donation

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Neosho Daily News

Baird said in the post he had inquired about purchasing a replacement stove/oven for the police department which had quit working.

The old one came from the Municipal Auditorium (now the Civic) after it was remodeled.

The officers use the oven to cook meals mostly during the night shift while restaurants are closed. They cook things like frozen pizzas, frozen dinners, etc.

The next day Hillbilly Outlet delivered a stove to the police department at no charge. They wanted to donate the stove to show their appreciation for the police department.

Baird said the department wanted to take a moment to say thank you to Hillbilly Outlet.

“It is easy to get caught up in all the craziness towards law enforcement that is going on in the country today. Acts of kindness towards the men and women in law enforcement really makes me take a step back and appreciate the city we live in, and how good we have it to serve the citizens of Neosho,” Baird said.