Last week was cold, but it has been colder

Wes Franklin
Neosho Daily News

Last week, the temperature in the Neosho area dropped to a frigid 14 degrees below zero (-14 Fahrenheit) at one point. That’s pretty darn cold. 

I know lots of folks had busted water pipes, and also had to struggle to keep livestock alive. 

However, that isn’t the coldest it has been here.

The record low in the State of Missouri is 40 degrees below zero (-40 F), set on February 13, 1905, in Warsaw, Missouri, according to the National Weather Service. Warsaw is about 150 miles northeast of Neosho. I couldn’t find exact data for Neosho on that date, but it was 29 degrees below zero (-29 F) in Gravette, Arkansas (30 miles south of Neosho) that same day, so it’s safe to assume that the low temperature in the Neosho area was probably somewhere in between. 

If you do an internet search for record low temperatures in Neosho a site will pop up that gives the coldest temperature as 31 degrees below zero (-31 F), but it doesn’t give a specific date (other than simply “January”), nor provide the source of the data. However, the site must have got that number from somewhere. At any rate, 31 degrees below zero is probably pretty close to what it was on February 13, 1905, considering the other known factors. Of course, when it is THAT cold, I doubt a difference of a few degrees matters all that much. 

In the Neosho area we received six to eight inches of snow last week. Some locales got nine. I think at least four of those inches fell in a 24 hour period. 

Neosho’s known snowfall record for February is 11 inches total, set in 1929. Its record for snowfall in a single day in February is 7.5 inches, set on February 23, 1975. It’s record overall for single snowfall in a single day is an incredible 22 inches, which happened on March 14, 1999. 

So last week was very cold and we got some decent snow. But it has been colder and we’ve had more snow. Of course, the month isn’t done yet.

-Wes Franklin writes a weekly column for The Neosho Daily News, That History Guy.