Wisdom, Knowledge and Joy

Mark Taylor
Guest Columnist

When a poor person learns to walk with dignity among others, have they not found the secret of happiness?  Yet when another who has great riches and filled with many desires is still not satisfied.  What joy have they gained?  All labor to fill their mouth for self-preservation. Yet if the desire of the soul is not satisfied, what they have experienced, being worldly-wise is not the secret to happiness.  For human wisdom is limited. Only the knowledge of God opens the soul to truth and real satisfaction.

Godly wisdom is protection from God.  Wisdom is a shield and preserves the lives of its possessors.  It never shows wisdom to live independently apart from God’s ways.  You will only get yourself into deeper problems when you go against the wisdom of God to rely on your own.

Some people rest little for their eye is upon the activities of this world and this does not show wisdom. Though a person may labor seeking for more they will never be able to find it.  They spend much time striving to enjoy what they in the pleasures of life, never giving much consideration to what they can be doing for God.  This is a dangerous way to think concerning their future concerning eternity.

   Those that try to spend their time pleasing to God… God will reward them with wisdom, knowledge and joy. But those that give their time to working for the things of this world and collecting all they can from the world… will have nothing to offer God of any value at the end of their lives.