Cobwebbed Tales: Changes

Sandy Jordan
Guest Columnist

Welcome to the launch of my new column’s Logo. For some reason someone has decided to challenge my use of the logo “Bits and Pieces.” Not once since 2010 has anyone objected to this logo. However, it is now being challenged and out of respect to my editor I have chosen a new logo, “Cobwebbed Tales,” When you look for my blog, it will still be under “Bits and Pieces” My newsletters will remain the same, also. But, as I said, for peace I will create a new logo. I may even create a design for it.

Why “Cobwebbed tales?” Well, I thought about “Skipping Stones” but that didn’t sound like me. Then there was “From the Nooks and Niches.” But that seemed a bit long. What I write about is often obscure history, family tales and a spinning out of tales into one longer story.

Factual, but not common knowledge. Then there is his stories about Viet Nam that reside in packed away notebooks. The first house fire. destroyed the 150 year old homestead, it also destroyed his movies, his field jacket and photos. I loved his field jacket. He had actual movies shot from this side of the DMZ into the forbidden territory. Territory he was well acquainted with, from missions that never happened. Those high ranking government types would never snoop in forbidden places.

Like memories woven into that jacket, cobwebbed moments that are only whispered about. As ancient graves caught in the early morning when the dampness makes them readable. Graves from days long gone but their homestead remembered in Spring with their flower gardens.

We have lost so many this past year, their tales going with them. Change isn’t bad, I love the world Zoom has opened up. This Saturday I attended the “Between The Pages writer’s conference.” Zoomed from Springfield and the homes of the speakers.

Through Zoom I have taught two different writing groups. I have had the pleasure of one lady remembering my piece about “Funeral Pie” that I wrote for the Ozark Mountaineer. The ability to attend meetings I could not normally attend has been fantastic. In fact it reminds me of his Ham radio.

One night we spoke to Florida to a man with parrots. He spoke of alligators getting his pets. We also spoke to Australia, London, California and Michigan.  I preferred it to the CB radio. He was the General and I was Sundown.

“Cobwebbed Tales” seem like a good fit. I cross through time, eras and places gathering tales from cobwebbed corners, forgotten but not lost. Good memories of Alicia's General Store in Jane. I remember the feel of worn, smooth boards under bare feet. The Jane Christen Church, so small but so filled with love.

Compare that to the train station in Kansas City when my grandmother from Denver came to visit us.  Then compare that to the sixth grade kids from Lanagan riding the train for the first time, marveling at the flush toilet.

Mornings like this enhances change’s positive side. We have been sweltering in the heat. Miserable first days of summer, but today it’s raining and cool. Yes, I’ll give the new name a spin and see what happens, how well it fits.