God does not run out of provisions

Mark Taylor
Guest Columnist

When God has a plan for His people, God has also made plans to help His people. When other ways dry up, it doesn’t affect God’s plan. God word says, “My plans will not be thwarted”. That means “changed”.

God makes the needed changes and many people benefit from God’s people being blessed. In 1 Kings:17, it tells this account of a widow whose husband was a prophet, let’s say in modern day language clergy, there was debt and she’s in trouble. Her creditor is going to take the children of the prophet’s widow and this lady turns to the man of God for help, for this woman knows that God’s people have answers and she needs help.

When most people have problems, they look for those people of God. They’ll search them out for prayer and counselling. Most people know Christians have answers, if they are walking with God daily.

If the widow would continue to find the space, God provided the blessing, all and more than this woman had need of, to provide for her beyond the present, but also for the future.

The woman of God had a need. She went up to one who she trusted to help her get a hold of God on her families’ behalf. We need to know people like this and we need to be people like this. God through her faith, provided for her family and they were spared because she know there was a God that could help and He did.

You can have full confidence in your life of this fact, it may not always make sense to you, but it doesn’t always have to, because God keeps the upper hand in all that concerns His children because God knows how to.