History Repeats Itself

Bryan Cook
Union Grove Church

We see in the book of (Ecclesiastics 1:9) there is nothing new. What once was will be again. We could say that history repeats itself. Even in our own lives we continue to do the things that we have always done. The world we now live in has changed; we must also change with it. The challenge before is to change without compromising the truth. History will repeat itself over and over, unless we learn from it.

We live in a world of knowledge concerning anything you want to know. Just ask Google, at each of our finger tips is knowledge. A handheld device or computer that can access information about anything you want to know. According to the internet it was around 2005 that we were able to connect with a phone to the internet. Since then technology has increased and continues to increase rapidly. Everyone uses the internet whether directly or indirectly. Information is collected and data given that weighs what has been tried and what hasn’t.

If we do not take heed to history and learn from it, it will in our life and the world continue to repeat itself. The Bible tells us to renew our minds according to the will of God. (Romans 12:2) the Holy Spirit will challenge us over and over to walk in God’s will for our life. It’s up to you to want to know it, then to walk in it, or work it out with fear and trembling. (Philippians 2:12) Learn from your mistakes and the mistakes of others. Mistakes are a stepping stone for us to change our history, or the way we do things. God wants us to seek Him for wisdom to know what His will is concerning life happenings that’s beyond your control.

Bryan Cook