The Harvest

Mark Taylor
Guest Columnist

Harvest time is when the grains, fruits, vegetables, grasses, nuts and a few other things become ripe. The time to bring these foods in is crucial or some of these foods could be lost. With different types of foods, the harvest time has only a window, and it always depends on the place. For instance, corn only has a maximum time of maybe three to four weeks at the most. Hay may be the same. Vegetables may have three or four days. Something like a wheat harvest, going across the land, might start in late May in the south and finish by early August in the north.

Regardless, harvest time is limited time. The Bible speaks of harvest in several places. (Revelation, Genesis, Job, Matthew and many others.) A great missionary, Hudson Taylor, during the end of his time here on earth, told that God had given him a great insight that there would be a war with Japan and Russia (and there was) and one last great revival soon after in Western Europe (and there was – the great Wales revival), and then Hudson said the next event soon to follow would be the return of Christ.

And now here we are. As the Bible says in John 4:35; “Wake up and look around. The fields are ripe for harvest.” Right now, God is positioning people for the harvest. This one will be only for a short time. Maybe just a few weeks. And then Jesus will come to take them home.

Prepare yourself. Be ready. Now let God place you to the edge of the harvest fields where He is going to use laborers who will bring in this final harvest of souls for this age. Get your life in order and be prepared. Everything is set. Make sure you are.