I Go A fishing

Bryan Cook
Union Grove Church

This was after the resurrection and Jesus had shown Himself to the disciples two different times already. (John chapter 20 and 21) Peter and some of the others decided to go fishing, going back to what they knew when they started following Jesus. I’m sure everything that was going on was overwhelming and mind-boggling. Even after all the miracles including this one with a great catch of fish. Jesus told them to cast their nets on the other side and the net was filled to where they had to get other boats to help. Peter then threw himself over the side of the boat and swam to shore.

Jesus had a fire ready and told them to bring the fish they had caught. After that they got done eating, Jesus went to Simon Peter and asked Him if He loved Him, three different times. Each time Peter answered, Lord you know that I love you. Jesus responded that he feed the lambs than the sheep, twice.

When Jesus called Simon Peter, He told him He would make him a fisher of men. (Luke 5:10-11) Maybe the Lord was reminding Peter of the beginning of the commitment he had made to the Lord. Some say, three times he denied Him and he restored him at that time.

We all know the Lord is merciful to all of us, regardless of how many times we have failed Him, or denied Him ourselves. From that time on Peter was sent to catch men. Miracles were performed at his hand, he had visions and saw many filled with the Holy Ghost by the laying on of his hands. He had come into the identity that God designed for him.

Maybe it’s time for you to be who God has called you to be.

Bryan Cook