Reaching Out

Sandy Jordan
Neosho Daily News

Christmas brings out the best in everyone, giving becomes second nature. As we are settling into a New Year, making resolutions and feeling positive let’s do something that matters by viewing every day as a chance for reaching out.

It’s more blessed to give than receive is an oft spoken cliche. However, doing something for someone else is important.. This Christmas at church I gave out cards. There is an older gentleman who is very quiet and rarely even looks up. I touched his arm, handed him his card and wished him a Merry Christmas. The smile on his face told me, that this was probably the only card he would receive.

I can understand why God said we should give without expectation of a return. The reward is a sense of satisfaction that you made someone else happy. There are many charities for the children, but the elderly, disabled and the mentally challenged tend to be forgotten.

I know in this time of the virus being up close and personal is not considered wise. That has not shut the door on reaching out. A card, a letter or email is greatly appreciated by someone alone. A phone call, tweet or text is also welcome. Those simple act says you care.

There are elderly and disabled everywhere., When the weather sets in they are often trapped in their home by snow and ice, even getting their mail is impossible. If you are able, simply clearing a safe path for them is a great blessing. Getting their mail is a moral booster. I know, one snow had me trapped inside three days, until my neighbor cleared the ramp, my car and fetched me my mail. If you are alone, you don’t want to risk a fall, especially in the cold. Who would find you in time?

How hard would it be to pick up medicines, food and whatever your neighbors need? My eldest got creative Christmas. She gave me a case of toilet paper. Enough paper to last into Spring. She also gave my sister and I care baskets. There were two simple meals that can be put back in case we ran out of food and can’t get out.

Simple, considerate acts of kindness. Giving doesn’t have to cost anything. One of the best Christmas presents I received was priceless. My son-in-law drove me and the grand-kids to see the Vietnamese Christmas lights in Carthage after dinner Christmas eve. They sang all the way up from Joplin, through the drive-through and part way to Neosho. My grandson has a wonderful voice but his autism keeps him from feeling comfortable in public. Yet for me, he sings.

Reach out, give of yourselves and enjoy the happiness and warm feelings that giving of yourself brings. It is funny how our troubles seem to shrink when we are making others smile. Don’t you like it when others make you smile?