Words Don’t Describe

Kevin Wilson
Kevin Wilson

Not sure that words can adequately describe or capture the emotions of the last week in our nation. The storming of the Capitol by protestors was disturbing, an affront to our system of government and an embarrassment to the country in the eyes of the rest of the world.

We are supposed to be better than this but apparently the actions of a few show that we are not. And, I am not just referring to the people storming the Capitol but also those hundreds who have placed several of our large cities under siege over the last few months.

We cannot talk about those who were in D.C. last week without talking about those that burned parts of Portland, Minneapolis, Seattle and other cities around the nation. While protestors took over parts of those cities, the Left remained silent and many in the media praised them for their courage.

Now, these same talking heads are condemning the actions in our nation’s Capitol. And rightly so. But all of these actions should have been condemned and called out for what they were – unlawful riots. You can’t claim the high road by condemning the one and not the other. But, I guess if you are in the lamestream media or partisan politics then you don’t really care about hypocrisy – that has become part of what and who you are.

As I see it, from my humble perspective, the only difference in the two was which side was participating and the fact that one occurred at our nation’s Capitol. Again, I condemn the actions of last week just like I condemned the actions of the last few months. I may be hypocritical on some things but on this one I can claim consistency.

I wonder how many of those in Congress who have demanded we defund the police, were wondering how quickly the police could respond to this demonstration. It’s funny how that works. Defunding the police works until you need a cop and then you want to know what took them so long to get there. Oh the hypocrisy.

I have been asked several times since the election if I thought the results were rigged, if there was fraud and deception (especially in the mail in ballots). My response is that I do believe there was funny business that occurred.

But, as I have told those who asked – there is a difference in what you know and what you can prove. I can know a lot of things just by reading and observing but the key is proving it and we just can’t in this case. Which means we have to accept the results and move forward. And try to make the system better for the next election.

We are truly a nation divided in half. Only a few million votes separated the two Presidential candidates in the last two elections. But the real problem is that each side does everything it can to vilify the other and do everything to not get along.

We have lost the ability to agreeably disagree and seek common ground for common problems. If we don’t find a way to come together I fear our nation is lost.

- Kevin Wilson is a retired Missouri State Representative. He writes a weekly column, Standing In The Gap, for The Neosho Daily News.