MARK TAYLOR: Truth That is Hard to Take

Mark Taylor
Neosho Daily News

There is a great disservice done to the lives of men and women at the passing of a person from this life that is so easily accepted that is destroying the lives of the living. Death is not easy to accept but it happens. Life in general is difficult enough but when someone passes from life there is most always many questions and lots of emotions. Yet it is the answers that matter.

It is hard to speak truth at times and always in reality the truth of someone’s life speaks the truth of their eternal future. How a person lived out their daily life, their actions, and their words all explain who they were, what was important to them and the real interest they served.

How you choose to live your life sets the road you’ll travel when you exit this life, heaven or hell are the only two destinations. To just be a good person or to just believe in God does not get anyone into heaven. To have repeated a prayer, joined a church or even lived a wholesome life cannot save you from hell.

There must be a personal relationship made and lived as unto God by coming to a real experience with Jesus Christ. There may be many routes a person takes to come to Jesus as their personal savior but there is only one way to know God and to live in heaven and that is with a true relationship with Jesus.

My heart sinks so many times when at funerals people so easily speak of those that have died and lived their own way of life and yet are spoken of as though God didn’t care about how they lived. They just get to go to heaven anyway. This is not true. God does care and it goes right along with the Titus chapter 1 verse 16 that says in the Bible, “They profess to know God but by their own deeds deny Him, being disobedient for any good deed.”

This should cause us all to think of how we live in accordance with God’s Word.

- Mark Taylor is president of KNEO Radio — 91.7 FM. He is available to speak at churches and events. Contact him at mtaylor@ Follow him on Twitter @kneo91.