We Won

Sandy Jordan
Sandy Jordan

Today, there will be smiles on the faces of those who love the Chiefs. They won the divisional championship, they will return to the Super Bowl. I was so proud of them, standing with hands over their hearts, they honored our country. My dad would have been all misty eyed. A Navy veteran, he loved his country.

Independence is the birthplace of one of our greatest presidents. My husband would travel to KC. with his mom, on the train, to visit his aunt. He ate corn meal mush. He loved the ice cream trucks and his aunt made them huge roast beef sandwiches to eat on the train ride home. On those visits, he often saw Truman walking about town.

Missourians love their country and their freedom. Neosho was the Confederate Capitol for a short time. Missouri was fighting the Civil War before it began in the East. They fought for their freedom. Now united, we still fight for freedom, standing up for what’s right.

I watched the game with my son, on his giant TV. He was sad because his birthday, my dad’s birthday, and his other grandpa’s birthday is this week. He misses my dad terribly, he taught him to love horses and animals. Daddy grew up on a big Kansas ranch. As a young man he appeared in a Western movie. His role was that of an Indian. He was to be shot off his horse as they attacked an encircled wagon train. All went well until the horse he had raised stood over him, protecting him from the other horses. It wasn’t scripted. However, dad saw the movie and they left that part in. Daddy was watching with us in spirit.

I don’t like getting out in rainy weather but I had resolved to start reaching out. I had already gone to Joplin with my sister for her doctor’s appointment. It wasn’t an ideal day but I drove into town.

What a blessing to spend time with her and have lunch. It was just warm enough in the car to be comfortable, I enjoyed relaxing and watching the traffic, while I waited for her.

I miss the smiles and joy radiating from people’s faces. People who are normally happy are so dour and sad. Growing-up we had to attend Civil Defense classes. We had to learn what to do before the attack, during the attack and after the attack. The other children’s faces always had that same sad look after the course. Was it better to die from the atomic bomb than trying to survive in the aftermath?

We won the game, we saw that there are those who still love our country and there is something to look forward too. That’s what we need to do, look forward and not back. As the Bible says, each day has enough trouble to deal with. Be a blessing to someone and be blessed. Smile and show your love. Hey we won-now on to the Super Bowl!

- Sandy Jordan is a local writer and a founding member of The Crowder Quill literary magazine. She writes a weekly column, Bits and Pieces, for The Neosho Daily News.