Former mayor withdraws resignation

Lee Ann Murphy
Community Editor
Councilman and former Mayor William Doubek has withdrawn a resignation he had submitted.

Current city council member and former mayor William Doubek has withdrawn his resignation after consideration. Doubek, who has been absent from recent council meetings due to health issues, decided he wants to keep his seat and hopes that he can attend meetings soon.

In a letter sent to the current mayor and councilman Carmin Allen, Neosho City Manager David Kennedy, City Clerk Cheyenne Wright, City Attorney Steve Hays, his fellow council members, area media and several local organizations, Doubek wrote:

"Following up my notice to temporarily withdraw my Notice of Resignation, please accept this as my official notice of intent not to resign my position as City of Neosho Councilman.  My previous notice came after a conversation with Mayor Carmin Allen who I felt was pressuring me to submit a resignation.  Confused about the situation, I agreed to do so.  On further reflection, I do not believe that this would best serve the constituents who overwhelmingly voted me into my second term of office last


   As the Ex-Mayor of Neosho and an experienced council-member, I

believe that the current City Council needs my continued guidance and

insight in areas of the elderly, military (both active and veterans), faith

based citizens and those who have long known me as one who has an open ear

to our community.

   My recent illness, which was unexpected and undesired, has certainly

placed a limit on my ability to continue attending council meetings, however

this will be temporary and I believe that soon I will be able to return and

continue serving the public well.

   While I understand the City Charter and Code allow for removal of

Council-members in certain situations, I request this Council and the

citizenry of Neosho to forgive me for my absences and stand with me for the

future of Neosho.

   I love the City of Neosho and I love the people of it!  God Bless

each and every one of you. Sincerely, Dr. William JP Doubek."

No decision has yet been made by the City of Neosho or the Neosho City Council.

Doubek is also a Chaplain for the Newton County Sheriff's Office and the Neosho Police Department, an ordained Lutheran minister, and a former member of the United States Air Force who served in Vietnam.