Council puts measure on November ballot

Lee Ann Murphy
Community Editor

The number of seats on the Neosho City Council may expand by two if voters agree. During a special meeting held Thursday evening at City Hall, the current council voted to place a measure on the November ballot that would ask voters to approve raising the number of council members from the current five to seven.

City population gains were cited as the primary reason to consider the higher number, so that local residents would be better represented. The proposal would also look at equally spreading representation over the entire city with elected representatives coming from all areas of town.

Neosho City Attorney Steve Hays handed in his resignation effective July 31. He will continue in the role until that date or until council chooses a replacement for him. Hays will continue in his private law practice and stated that a new business opportunity will not leave him time to serve as city attorney.

City councilman and former Mayor William Doubek attended the meeting with remote technology and by voting on the council seat measure ended ay doubt that he would still serve on council.

Doubek suffered a medical emergency in April which prevented his attendance at recent city council meetings. Had he not attended on Thursday, Doubek would have forfeited his seat. Since he did, he will continue in his second term as councilman which goes until April 2022.

Although the next regular session for Neosho City Council is Tuesday, July 7, the council will meet in special session again tonight, June 30, to discuss local concerns about the recent sharp increase in area COVID-19 numbers, many of which are in Neosho, according to the Neosho Health Department.