Third COVID-19 death confirmed in Newton County, more than 40 new cases

Lee Ann Murphy
Community Editor

The number of lab confirmed COVID-19 cases increased by 44 from Sunday to Monday with the current number standing at 463 cases. Four invidiuals are currently hospitalized. 369 cases are currently in isolation with 91 released from isolation. There have been 437 quarantined cases with 262 of those released from quarantine.

The third death in Newton County was reported late on Monday. From a press release provided by the Newton County Health Department;

"The Newton County Health Department is saddened to report a death in the county related to

COVID-19. The individual was in their 50’s and had other chronic medical illnesses. This person

was admitted to the hospital for signs and symptoms related to COVID-19. This individual was a

contact to another related case. This individual had been in the hospital for some time before

passing away.

The Newton County Health Department had been working with this family and contacts had

previously been notified. Out of respect to this individual’s family, no identifying details will be

released. We are very saddened by this news and our thoughts and prayers go out to this


It is our recommendation that people avoid large group gatherings, especially if you are at high

risk for severe disease. If you are in public, please practice social distancing and please wear

facial coverings such as a mask or bandana. DO NOT leave your house if you are sick, unless

your seeking medical attention. Remember that symptoms can range from mild/moderate to

severe. Even with mild symptoms, you can still pass the virus to someone else who can become

very ill. We must all practice personal responsibility to keep each other safe. Cover your mouth

when coughing or sneezing, do not touch your mouth, eyes, or nose. Please wash your hands


The Newton County Health Department is working with Missouri Department of Health

investigating each case to determine any close contacts. If you are ill, you will be told to isolate

and if you are named as a close contact, you will be told to quarantine for 14 days past last

exposure. We must all work together to keep each safe and healthy."