Six charged in homicide

Lee Ann Murphy
Community Editor

The homicide victim found on Sunday evening in rural Lawrence County has been identified and six individuals have been charged in her murder.

The body of Sarah Pasco, 27, of Aurora was found near Miller. Another woman, who was shot and remains in critical condition, led authorities to the body.

The Lawrence County prosecutor has filed murder changes against six individuals which are Andrew J. Cypret, 27, of Billings, Mo., Lyle B. Delong, 23, of Stotts City, Mo., Gary Hunter, 24, Mt. Vernon, Christina Knapp, 36 of Stotts City, Siera Dunham, 18, of Mt. Vernon, and Diona L. Parks, 26, of Stotts City, Mo.

Reports indicate that the two women were kidnapped, put into a vehicle, and taken to a different location where both were shot.

The investigation is continuing.