God’s Seeds

Sandy Jordan
Neosho Daily News

Fall's coming. Its in the cooler nights, the lessening grip of heat and the leaves are starting to fall covering my ramp. I am glad to see it coming,

This morning my sister called asking me to meet her at Denny’s. Sitting there watching the rain come down our talk turned to fall memories. Our kids loved the Spook Walks at George Washington Carver. They enjoyed tramping through the woods, along the pond, and up to the little cemetery too finish up at the Visitors center for snacks.

There were the hayrides, burnt hot-dogs with flaming, dripping marshmallows. The best memory was the carnivals at Pineville. The Black Hawks gym was turned into a fun place to be. There was a haunted locker room, a cake walk, a fishing pond and tons of food.

I am not bragging, but when I was born they wanted to use my picture on the Gerber baby food jars. My mom thought it might not be good for me and passed. In all my Christmas pageants I was an angel. That year at the carnival I became a Princess in the Royal Court. I loved my red taffeta dress. I felt so special!

When I was five my sister frightened me terribly.. I often shared my sisters room. She is 7 years older than me. There was a horrible thunder storm with massive amounts of lightening that night. Heading for bed I was scared. I opened our bedroom door, intending to dive under the covers. Standing on the bed was this hideous creature with her hair standing straight up.

“I am going to eat you, like I ate your sister.” She cackled, I ran as fast as I could to my daddy.

Good, silly memories, happier times and being young back then was being giggly free.

As we ate our temptation, dessert, I thought about the fifth Sunday singing we had the night before at my church. My eldest, her husband and my granddaughter sang several numbers. She stood close to where they had been married twenty five years ago. The faces of the people reflected their enjoyment of their beautiful voices. Their testimonies raised Amen's.

The group following was Blue Grass Gospel. They sang Amazing Grace in Cherokee and had a wash tub bass. One of the men had his seven year old daughter on stage with them. She sang in such joyful, pure tones, her happiness shining from her face.

This was God’s seeds, these are the next generation. Have you noticed that God’s love, his plan of salvation has endured? It has survived the fall of empires, near genocide, natural disasters, and those escaping persecution founded America. God’s voice cannot be silenced. Nor destroyed. The rain poured, the wind blew as fall comes closer and hope tasted as sweet was the strawberry cheese cake. God’s seed will endure until Jesus comes back for the faithful His seed, the church will indeed carry on through those like these gifted young women.

-Sandy Jordan is an area writer and a founding editor of the first Crowder Quill staff. She writes a weekly column, Bits and Pieces, for The Neosho Daily News.