Local McDonald's Coffee Club continues to meet despite challenges

Staff reports
After meeting for coffee at the local McDonald's, this coffee club didn't let a little thing like a closed lobby keep them from meeting.

Neosho, MO – Meeting in the morning for a warm, delicious cup of McDonald’s coffee may seem like a retirement luxury to many or even these days, a thing of the past. Meet the Neosho “Coffee Club!” Despite challenges due to COVID-19 ordinances and precautions, this group of 25 local McDonald’s regulars, the Coffee Club have found new ways to keep tradition and connection alive. The Coffee Club has gathered for coffee and conversation at McDonald’s every morning for the past 20 years. COVID-19 has caused McDonald’s lobbies across the country to temporarily close, but this has not stopped groups like the Coffee Club from gathering at their favorite breakfast spot. Instead of meeting inside the McDonald’s lobby and taking their designated seat, they show up, order their favorites, and then sit outside the restaurant, together. It’s a BYOC (Bring Your Own Chair) parking lot gathering.

“When you have breakfast every morning with the same group of friends it made it hard to think to stop our tradition,” said Coffee Club member Oren Raulston. “The local Owner/Operators and their team have always treated us good by always accommodating our group and showing us so much love, too! So we had to find a way to keep our tradition alive.”

The Neosho McDonald’s is locally owned and operated by Phil Close and his daughter Alex Maffei. The Close -Maffei family, along with their team members, enjoy seeing all the faces of the Coffee Club regulars each morning, even if it’s through the windows. McDonald’s of Neosho is humbled that this special group has chosen McDonald’s as their traditional “meet-up spot” for breakfast for so many years and finds great joy in how the group has adapted to a new way of meeting each day.

“I’ve seen them every day for more than 20 years, ordering the same coffee and sausage biscuits and greeting our other guests with a smile,” said Alex Maffei. “So, you can imagine the excitement when we saw them pull up a chair from home out of their cars and gathering outside the restaurant.”

Next time you visit the Neosho McDonald’s between the hours of 6a.m. – 9:30a.m., you will have to be sure to wave and say hello to the Official Neosho McDonald’s Coffee Club! And, feel free to join them, too! The club is open to new members of Neosho join in in on their beloved, local tradition.