Pecan or Gooseberry Pie

Sandy Jordan
Neosho Daily News

My grandson is autistic. They told my daughter he would never go to school.. For his senior year he wanted to do something special. With a great deal of prayer he entered the Talent Contest. He has a marvelous voice but hates crowds. He rarely performs with his family.

That night he sang his heart out, received three standing ovations and took home the top honors. He had succeeded. This child who would never attend school had gone beyond expectations, he graduated, walking proudly with his classmates.

I would hate to count the Wheel of Fortune Episodes I’ve watched. One thing never changes, one person dominates the field while the others try unsuccessfully to even play. It often seems unfair as the other contestants struggle so desperately. Some players rack up an immense amount of money and prizes and lose it all on one spin.

A quirk? A twist of fate? Something we have no control over, it’s all pure chance. Take those people who don’t board transportation that meets a catastrophic end. We can’t control what happens to us, however, there are situations we can help control,

At dinners I would see a pecan pie, but, because of manners refrained from securing a piece until after the main meal. One slice would be left, eyeing it I would head for it. When I got to the desert table, poof it would be gone and the bitter gooseberry pie would be left. At a point of disgust I started getting my pie before it was gone. Hidden beneath my dinner roll, I appeared proper...but not leaving my desert to fate!

This election coming up is a major decision maker for America. We are poised in the footprints left by an imploding Rome. This election can well decide the fate of this nation, our children’s future. This is something you can help control.

You have heard it said for many years, “Your vote counts.” It does. The school bond election passed by less than five votes. In a close race every single vote counts. Every voice lifted in support of a candidate, translated to a paper ballet can impact the results.

So many voices protested the wearing of a mask, a trivial thing. Now, let those voices rise to secure the rights of Americans to be truly American. That is important, and only an uprising in voter turnout…numbers to boggle the mind...can keep those freedoms intact. Don’t count on the spin of a wheel, or a quirk of fate.

If my grandson can face an auditorium of people, why can’t you vote? It does matter, it can change the climate of our nation. You can procrastinate, hem-haw, and refuse to be bothered, that’s your right. But, when the results come in, you won’t have a right to be upset. You chose to ignore the situation,. You counted on the pecan pie being left….its your fault if you must eat the gooseberry pie. Pecan or gooseberry, its up to you.

-Sandy Jordan is an area writer and a founding editor of The Crowder Quill. She writes a weekly column, Bits and Pieces, for The Neosho Daily News.