Local school district changes Covid-19 procedures

Staff Writer
Neosho Daily News

In a year that has been filled with numerous challenges as the nation and the world experiences a pandemic unprecedented in recent years, the Neosho School District has adjusted their procedures for dealing with COVID-19 within the district. Using guidelines approved by the Newton County Health Department earlier this week, the district has posted the following statement on their website and communication has gone out to parents. A COVID-19 tracker has also been added to the district site with daily totals and additional information.

"NSD Parents & NSD Team,

The Newton County Board of Health voted to amend the COVID-19 close contact procedure for schools. Please note that this adjustment will not go into effect for students who attend Goodman Elementary or have a McDonald County home address since they are not under the direction of the Newton County Health Department.

The new procedure means that close contacts to a positive COVID-19 case will be quarantined as usual by the Newton County Health Department. However, during the quarantine period, students will be able to attend school and school-related activities, as long as the student shows no symptoms, is face covering compliant, and does not reside in a home with a positive case.

NSD nurses will monitor the students who are attending school under quarantine for 14 days. Parents of a close contact student are also encouraged to monitor their child’s health and keep them home if they start to experience any symptoms.

Moving forward, parents will continue to receive a phone call whenever they have a student deemed a Close Contact by our Contact Tracing Team, and guidance on quarantine will be provided according to the governing health department; Newton or McDonald County. Please note that the student will still be placed on quarantine and expected to follow the guidelines as described by their governing health department; The change in procedure only applies to the student’s school attendance and school-related activities.

We will continue to update the NSD COVID Tracker and will send email updates to NSD parents and the NSD Team whenever active cases arise.

Please be looking for additional information in the coming days concerning how the new procedure will affect student activities and athletics."

To view the release from the Newton County Health Department, see the related story in today's edition. The Neosho Daily News will continue to follow the story and provide updates as they happen.