Missouri Walnut LLC to close in December

Staff Writer
Neosho Daily News

In a letter to Newton County Presiding Commissioner Bill Reiboldt, Missouri Walnut LLC Human Resources Manager Gage Mc Kinnis, announced that the company will close its' Neosho operation permanently on December 15 or within 14 days of that date.

All 60 current employees will be terminated at that time.

There will be transfer rights to other jobs or locations.

Missouri Walnut LLC's facility covers an area larger than 130 acres that include a high efficiency sawmill, automatic stacking machine, lime kilns and a high speed grading line. The company website states it is a leading walnut producer worldwide and the largest lumber producer that ships to more than 40 countries.

Missouri Walnut LCC is located at 11417 Oak Road in Neosho, just south of Highway 60.