Like Bambi’s Mama

Sandy Jordan
Neosho Daily News

Manipulation is a human trait facilitated by soft, vulnerable hearts. Who can ignore a baby crying? We pick them up, check their diaper, see if they are hungry and cuddle away their tears. As babies grow up they instinctively know how to get their way. A man will brings home something special if he wants something, or a wife will cook a feast. When my eldest started dating seriously I was terrified that I would lose her. So when he wanted to take her on a date, they had to pay me with a cheese burger. I lost her but gained a son. They married. If I need comforting, I’m in the hospital or need a smile they bring me cheeseburgers. When I lost him, my eldest stopped at the arches in hopes of comforting me. Over the years my son-in-law learned my two favorite things were bears and cheeseburgers. He was the one who took us to Columbia to that huge teaching hospital. He took care of us. The day of the big procedure he was there. They do these long procedures and send you home, no recovery time. I was shaking and crying from those long hours it took. As he pushed my wheelchair he spotted a gift shop, he dashed inside and bought me a bear to comfort me. I will never forget that loving act. Right now I wish I could cuddle my eldest and her family but can’t. They have the virus, please pray for my family. These are begin manipulations. There is a dark and ugly side.. As soon as we turn 65 our brains turn to mush, our thinking processes is hampered and we are viewed as children easily manipulated. From October through early December its open hunting season on senior adults. 3000 plus insurance offers will be fired at us like bullets. You can’t dodge them all. I had one lady who insisted that the person coming to see me was going to “update” me on the changes in medicare. He arrived in a rain storm, discovered he had no cell phone service and couldn’t make his pitch. He left insisting he worked for nobody, performing the noble cause of saving elderly people money without pay. Sure - and cars run on water. The worst call was the one who listed New Mac on the caller ID. If we don’t want to end up a victim like Bambi’s mama, don’t bite. Let your insurance provider check out these offers, consult your financial advisor, your pastor or a child who knows whats going on. Don’t answer any calls you don’t know. If in question, call them back. 90% of the time the phone is not in service. Mute the TV and toss out the offers. Its hunting season and just be wary. Don’t become a victim. The deer's hideout until its safe. You play it safe, wear a bullet proof vest of knowledge. We aren’t stupid and our minds aren’t mush. -Sandy Jordan is an area writer and a founding editor of The Crowder Quill. She writes a weekly column, Bits and Pieces, for The Neosho Daily News and The Aurora Advertiser.