Daily roundup of what's hot online right now with pictures from Lindsay Lohan's weekend car crash, a new survey on Americans' eating habits and a video of Charlize Theron and why she shaved her head.

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Everyone by now knows about Lindsay Lohan's car accident over the weekend, but many people are searching for the photos of her totaled Porche –– click the link above to view them. If you've been living under a rock lately, TMZ reports that Lohan crashed into an 18-wheeler semi truck, tried to bribe the driver not to report the accident to the police and asked the driver not to mention a "mysterious" pink bag taken from the car.

Check this out: Healthy eating harder than taxes?

According to the Food Network, a new survey reveals that 52 percent of Americans think eating healthy meals is harder than doing one's own taxes. Furthermore, more than half of those surveyed "felt that enjoying what they were eating was more important than worrying too much about the meals' ingredients." Click on the link above to read more.

Video: Charlize Theron shaves her head

The gorgeous actress gets rid of her luscious locks. Find out why she's rocking a bold new look.

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